What do we do when there is (business) opportunity pass in front of us?

First, some from us chosen taking it, then in course of going to expectation become success. The second, some among from us chosen to disregard, with various consideration of reason, what in fact not yet been tested its truth.

What is going on of two group above? Possibility that happened there ( according to my version).

Two from “ possibility” happened at first group and one “ possibility” happened at second group.

The “first” possibility at first group, after trying opportunity and dissolve in course of, finally not success. Possible there is mistake in a few process, Or other cause.

The “second” possibility at first group, after trying to take opportunity, and focus of enjoy, finally successfulness become true of his own.

The “Third” possibility at second group, because they do not do anything, hence they do not get anything.

I can guess, surely You chosen the second possibility? Or You chosen third possibility? For me, although first possibility which we discover, at least we have opportunity to get the second possibility.

If You wish “not fail” and also wish “not lose”, my suggestion, follow second group, because in fact the result is not “possibility”, but “certainty”, sure not lose, surely not fail, but also surely will not get anything.
Good luck to look for opportunity and enjoy possibility that you discover.

Diyan Marandi, Owner Limitshirt
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