Turning around your successful cycle


Everybody sure wish to be success in their life. For a child, successful mean if he can go up class with good achievement or he can get into the school of Favorite wanted. For an entrepreneur, a successful mean can get big profit or get order which abundance. For an employees / officer, a successful mean can be fluent to get promotion, etc.

Is that true if successful and the its rotation can be turned around to continue ? How to making rotation of the success ? Starting point become success is no other desire for the success of itself. If there is not desire,it’s impossible of success will visit you, more than anything else rotation of success will happened in yourself.

Now think of success what wishing you reach. For example if you are an ambitious student want to be a technique engineer. To a child of elementary school, maybe this still in the form of long-range aspiration, which if not looked after by the spirit, this dream possibly will lose in the middle of journey. If this long-range aspiration, we need to itemize the mentioned become aspiration short-range. Try us detailed : to become engineer, someone have to enter college of technique majors. To enter college of country technique someone have to pass test/ exam the college of country. While the opportunity to enter college will be more big if / when we sit in favorite senior high school. Of course to enter this favorite senior high school will be more easy if from favorite junior high school also. To enter favorite junior high school, a child of elementary school must have to good achievement in his class. So for a child of elementary school, from here to start. How? Do have to target for rank or to be first in his? If he is able, it’s good, but if you are not yet able yet, let it be. Make simple goals ahead. If you are lazy to learn, how ? So this is the problems.

So, we have to grow enthusiasm to learn first. How to ? Trying to see from some subject lesson in school there, which you like more ? All you don’t like, don’t you? Well, try to see again from some lesson that you hate, according to you, what lesson mount its smallest dislike ? Surely there is the smallest lesson dislike.? Try to notice at heart that the lesson most you like among all lesson which you hate. Try to elaborate the lesson, and see its result at test or examination. Is the result of its test higher than at result of other subject test? If it’s true, it mean your choice is not wrong and your effort is not useless. Notice in your self that this is also the part of your success although in rotation which still is small. Usually if someone get something that have been targeted,there is satisfaction of certain mind, and this mind satisfaction become capital to make your successful rotation ever greater.

Now, for example if result of subject test which you like getting value 6. With yourcapital satisfaction of mind which have got to intend in mind your to increase value. Of course by learning that lesson more and more. And see again its result what is its value more than 6 ? If its answer yes, again successfulness have come to you. And continue this matter is repeated by like above so that your rotation successfulness become bigger. If felt its value have reached high enough, with capital your satisfaction of mind, select subject one again which according to you also like. And continue process as above until all lesson get value good ( though non value 8, 9 or 10). If have until this phase surely your rank in class mount drasticly. Is not impossible enter rank in TOP TEN.

Begin now to enter at rotation successfulness of larger ones again that is improving sequence of rank in your class. Of course by improving value result of test and examination every semester. With successful capital which have been reached for previously, we motivated to be more try. And this effort will be more settle when be with by praying. When we have tried and pray maximally hence will born to feel optimism. This optimism feeling will be more push the effort of us again up at more maximal. When tis feeling optimism we have had already, to get test in school will become pleasant matter. And of course one who do test problem with happy hearth will different from one who do test with worried and fear. Our heart will be flowery await time announcement of test result, where the others await it worried. When you reach first rank, be thank and enjoy the satisfaction, but remember don’t feel your point finish until there. Going on to make larger ones target again and enjoy larger ones success to draw near you.

That’s So rotation of small successfulness, if we keep on will become rolling successfulness of larger ones as snowball which roll from the top of mount. First of all from goals or target, later continued to become effort accompanied by praying which then will bear to feel optimism to reach for result. Then satisfaction of attainment of this goals we turn around again return to larger ones goals again and so on. Why have to be added with praying? Because with praying our optimism increase and our praying will be better when effort which we do have reached maximal. To more Clear, see schema above ! So, good luck to try!

Source: Dadang Suhendar


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