Tips to sell mobilephone voucher for small entrepreneur

Voucher business is about a business trust. There are three types of mobilephone voucher, that, physical voucher , then IP voucher IP in the sheet of paper print with serial number but the code is open, so ulnerable to leakage, and electrical voucher is only a code number only. Voucher for physical or IP transfer the data from customer to operator central server.

While for the electronic voucher have another provider such as the dealer will check whether the right to send the sms agent. Dealer will check through the server computer that is electrically in dealer. There are several types of Electronic voucher, for example, there is a model M-Kios or M-Tronic and equipment such as a hip provider that issued only one type of voucher fill the mobile phone, such as M-Kios just for Telkomsel products, or M-Tronic for Mentari product, etc.

Type the two electrically, where there are vendors that incorporate technology. The system collects some of the dealers so that one chip can complete all kinds of phone cards. While IP voucher so rarely prone to leakage in the sale. Mobilephone voucher seller must understand two things before he determines the type of voucher that he want to be sold, whether physical or electrical.

To establish cooperation with mobile operators, dealers must be incorporated, such as Telkomsel in Jakarta has dozens of dealers and outside the region. If someone wanted to open outlets in shopping vouchers, find a strategic place, rented, decorated, after that do the sale. In every shopping center there is the central rovider, there are certain wholesale or wholesale mobile phone voucher. Generally, wholesale mobile voucher do not sell mobilephone and They displayed only the vouchers. Retail stores will buy mobilephone voucher with wholesale price from the wholesale agent, and these agents are in some shopping centers or central markets.

Agent / wholesale voucher easily we met in the mall, the dealers also there ate in every city. To get the address of the dealer can be through the phone card service provider concerned. In Jakarta, for example, that many agents in the voucher Roxy and ITC Cempaka Mas.

The process works the outline of the service to Authorized dealer, then the voucher to the agent or wholesaler. This agent is usually sold in large numbers and the purchase big party with price cheaper of the retail price, and it has own (special) consumer of shops that sell in retail.

To determine the strategic location, the housing must be the through way , such as of the road axis, and can connected other housing, or on the edge of roads, but not too jammed . it can be also at front of the office or campuss. While to look for the customer first, it can do with installing the banners, or campaign with brochures.

For Voucher businessman, especially in the retailer or agent, business depends on the availability of goods, if only a little difference between the price they dare to buy the goods. Price movements are also based on the needs of the market that can be known by the agents of dealers or business partners. This business has become a trend and it is so basic, while the price in retailers level may not always cheaper from the market. Retailers can only take a small margin, for example, create one of the voucher price is cheaper than the behavior of profit margins with the other Rp 500 – Rp 1.000, and the average profit voucher can be reached Rp 1.000 to Rp 3.000.

To avoid the competition for the price retailers can make the association, such as in North Jakarta have Cell Phones Traders Association, They urge not to do price war, or retailers can also sell cheap but do not display board in the name counter.

Competition with a voucher through the MLM business, even though the effect on conventional business voucher but not too large, unless the trend of the Indonesian people that are usually with the MLM. As a physical voucher are still there, although there are voucher elektrik, both pre-pay or post-pay, such as in Singapore with communication technology with far more developed.

Benefits in selling mobilephone voucher

Investment as a retailer under the agency, if sell the voucher only need capital about Rp 3 million for capital cash flow (gyrate) but should be ready every day to take the goods (mobile voucher) to the agent, depending on the target sales per day. If the average price voucher Rp. 60000, the omzet a day with selling 50 voucher can be Rp 3 million with an average profit Rp 2.000 per voucher or total profit are about 100.000  per day Rp 3 million per month.

If retailers want to have stock for the next two days, it need capital to Rp. 6 millions. This is only from the voucher. If you want to sell interesting accessories, it need capital Rp 500.000 up to Rp 1 millions. If you want to sell the second mobilephone, for example, with the stock 10 pcs with price avarege Rp 500.000, it means you need capital plus Rp 5 million more. When located in shopping malls does not need to stock mobile phone, but sometimes necessary in the retail stocks, such as in housing, or can order it through. That’s capital that runs outside the rental place, window dressing, decoration, computer to create a report, because there is a system to check inventory and price changes.

Which set the changes price are the market and player a lot of stock goods. Rent for place is about  Rp 4 million a month, in the shopping centre there are Rp 50 million a year. In the roadside there are Rp 4-5 million up to Rp 20 million a year, depending on the large or small and strategic position also the security location. While the employees basic salary of Rp. 600.000-700.000, at least two person, if in the housing area can be one person only, and open hours of the morning until afternoon then continue to the night. So, to complete sell other products than the voucher can be initial capital of Rp 15 million – 20 million to set up early outside the lease, the omzet depending on large or small the market, but if big market could potentially profit monthly Rp 3-6 millions. To obtain this initial capital can work with investors or own saving or borrow to someone.

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