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Ten Rules of Radical Marketing

Posted at August 23rd, 2010 | Categorised in News and Articles

Lately, the world experienced a greater change, acceptance and thus also of the consumer view on a product is also changing. Coupled with competition Tighter marketing, the marketing strategy must rapidly changing as fast as  technology changes occur. Therefore, any marketing strategy must be adjust to the changes that took place both in external and internal environment. Marketers must more creative and innovative in meeting the desires consumers.

For that, Sam Hill and Glenn Rifkin wrote a book called radical marketing. This book highlights the major companies such as Harley Davidson, Virgin Atlantic Water Ways, and Boston Beer for adopting a different approach to marketing that focuses on stretching limited resources, remain closely in touch with your customers, and create a more satisfactory solution for the needs of customers. How “Radical Marketing ” is conducted? These ten rules of radical marketing:

1. CEO Must have a marketing function. CEO of radical marketers never delegate marketing responsibility. In this case, the company has a direct CMO, He is Chief Marketing Officer has responsible for directly concerned with marketing.

2. Make sure that the marketing departments of small and flat initially, and must be maintained remained small and flat. CEOs do not let the marketing management team to grow so large that enlarge their distance from the market/ costomers.

3. Consider the most important thing is the customer. Radical marketers realize the benefits gained from direct interaction with customers.

4. Use market research cautiously. Radical marketers prefer the grass-roots techniques.

5. Work only passionate missionaries, not marketers. Radical marketers have not marketers, they have a missionary.

6. Love and respect your customers as individuals / human beings, not as numbers in a spreadsheet. Radical marketers acknowledge that their core customer is responsible for a lot of the success of their companies.

7. Create a customer community. Radical marketers encourage their customers to think of themselves as communities, and thinking about brands as a unifier of the community. For example, as done by the Harley Davidson motorcycle with a Harley davidson fans club to build brand loyalty.

8. Think about the marketing strategies that have been done. For example, radical marketers use advertising to direct marketing campaign features ads that are brief and targeted.

9. Notice of public opinion and is competing with larger competitors without a fresh marketing ideas and different. Radical marketers, for example, restrict the distribution to create loyalty and commitment among distributors and their customers.

10. Radical marketers have to be loyal to the brand. Radical marketers are obsessive about the integrity of the brand, and they pegged on quality.

That’s the tenth rule of radical marketing, hopefully useful. And, most importantly, always do an evaluation of marketing within a certain timeframe. marketing strategy is dynamic, must be adjusted to the conditions and changes in consumer tastes and growing technology.

Source: Sepuluh Kaidah Pemasaran Radikal By e-je.blogspot.com

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