Should a Salesforce think outside the box to be different from competitors?

Should a Salesforce think outside the box to be different from competitors?

If you have a job as a salesmen which has become Salesforce, Maybe you have often heard the term “thinking outside the box” (We have to think outside the box, not Inside the box), where the goal is different so we can make it more successful compared to competitors.

If you are an artist or a painter or someone who works at product development, or if you working at one of the advertizing agency, maybe it’s right if you have to think always outside the box, so always get creative ideas and innovative.

But if you work as a Salesforce, you should be thinking inside the box first before thinking outside the box.

Many of the basic things that everyone knows that it must be done by a Salesforce, but it was only a few Salesforce is doing it consistently.

By doing things the easy and clear properly and consistently, you have to be different in a positive way with the competition. This happens because not many companies that run the basics of marketing management is good and consistent.

For example, every Salesforce should know and realize that knowledge about customers, products, companies in which they work and the competition is something fundamental that they need to know.

But honestly, does any Salesforce has mastered about company that they works, who its customers, products for sale or who its competitors, as well as strengths and weaknesses of our product compared to competitors’ products? Salesforce is still a lot that still has not mastered anything really basic stuff for a Salesforce.

So, please think “in the box” first before thinking outside the box. When you have mastered and done all the basics, it’s time you should think outside the box, as long as it is connected and centered on the concerns of your customers.

Happy selling!

Source: Marketing Mix Magazine

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