Selling Strategies of Madju Utama Building Store: Excess material can be Refunded

In a hard market competition, every businessman must be agile and smart at applying the sales strategy in order to sell as much as possible so that maximum profit is also obtained.

Below is one example of marketing strategy which carried by a store building in attract customers and keep customers loyal shopping.

“Every Saturday and Sunday we are providing free snacks to customers, whether shopping or not shopping”.

Rachmad Triyanggono (Store Manager Madju Utama)

Goods purchased can not be exchanged or refunded. The sentence is often visible under the bill of purchase. But the sentence or the notice does not apply in the Store of building material with the shop name “Madju Utama” at Jalan Raya Kalimalang Nomor 9D-E, Kelurahan Kayuringin Jaya, Bekasi, Indonesia.

On the depot building materials with the concept of supermarket, consumers can exchange or return an item already on the purchase of groceries. In fact, consumers can exchange groceries with cash refund if the goods purchased were not used or surplus. This is Madju Utama’s
marketing strategy.

In selling, “We apply the concept of shopping that flexsibel to consumers. So consumers can exchange returned items groceries to us. Provided that the goods for exchange also bought in our store, ” said Store Manager Madju Utama Store, Mr Rachmad Triyanggono.

How if a receipt or bill disappear? Racmad said, “the bill is missing is not a problem. We still could see the barcode on the goods”.

This flexible concept also apply into the selling price. This means that consumers can still bargain goods to be purchased, although the price of building materials has been written on each product.

“The price offered by Madju Utama store is not price fix. Consumers can still bid price. Even groceries can delivery to customers home without extra cost and there is no minimum limit purchasing “, said Racmad.

Products offered by Madju Utama Stores is building material that are included in the category of finishing.

Among them, paint, home accessories such as bathroom taps, sanitary, door handles and kitchen set. According to Rachmad, the price of building materials are sold very competitive and acceptable to the consumer.

“That’s what distinguishes beetween Madju Utama store  with other building materials stores. In fact, every Saturday and Sunday we Preparing free snacks for our consumers, whether shopping or not spend, ” said Racmad.

Although this store is located at Jalan Raya Kalimalang (near Hospital Budi Lestari), customers not only from around Kalimalang area, customers also come from karawang, Cibitung, and Cikampek. “There are also our customers who came from Cirebon, and other far places” said Rachmad again. (Ang)

Source: Warta kota newspaper

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