In retailing the most important person is the customer. Next in importance is the retail salesperson. And the most important job the salesperson does in the store is selling. Good selling means satisfying the customer with both merchandise and service. Good selling is more than the ability to talk or to give each customer a friendly smile. Is is an orderly series of steps which lead from approaching the customer to handing her at neatly wrapped package and inviting her to return.

Selling can be learned by study and practice; and, contrary to popular belief among salespeople as well as the general public, salesmen are not born but they become good salesperson through observation and experience. No matter how much a salesperson knows about selling, there is always more to be learned. No matter how little an inexperienced salesman knows, he can learn to sell successfully if he works hard at it.

The purpose of selling is to satisfy each customer, not only with the merchandise which she buys, but also with the service she receives, so that she will want to come back to that store and to that salesperson.

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