Learning affiliate program, an easy program producing money

Have you ever heard about affilite program? If yes, What is it? now I will satisfy your curiosity about the Affiliate Program. But I will write about the affiliate program gradually so that you more easily understand.

Let’s start learning affiliate program!

What Is affiliate program? Affiliate program is marketing  that relies on a community networks to sell the product. Affiliate Program Up to now one of the most popular way that many online businessman done. Because it can expand the marketing network effectively and efficiently.

How does it work?

For example, there was a website owner who wants to sell his products. This product can be ebook, software, etc. Well, the owner of this site have Network Marketers (we say: Affiliate Marketer) who sell these products to potential buyers.

If these marketers is able to get a buyer, or successfully sell this product, then he got a commission. Product owner determines the size of the commission. There are 25%, some are giving 50% of the selling price.

The owners of this web site ussualy called affiliate merchants. Potential buyers for products are known leads or prospects.

If the website owner who has a product to sell ebook or softwere with this system, He will launch a site with affiliate system.

If you one time to surf and find the site and are interested in buying products that are sold on the site, then you must register by choosing a username, for example: username “james707” and also must complete a form containing data “name”, “address”, “telephone number”, “account number” and others data.

Then the site system will present affiliate agreement containing an agreement on the terms and conditions to become affiliate marketers on these sites. If you already agree with the proposed affiliate agreement, you will get an affiliate link or address http://www.examplebusiness.com?id=james707 .

Well, this is the URL address that you have to promote. You can put this link on the sidebar of your blog, email footer or signature in online forums that you follow.

Well, if one day there is the visitors who buy products through your link, you will get a commission. The amount of commission which is usually given 50% of the selling price.

So, for example, the buyer purchased the ebook product called Automatic Money Machine System for US$ 100, then you get a commission of US$ 50.

By joining affiliate programs, you do not need to have their own web sites. To make money, just joined the web sites that offer such programs. And, there are many other benefits that you can get from this business model.

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