How to Choose Strategic business location?

If we will open a business, one of the most vital factor is business location factor where we will open the business. Good or not a location very is determining of business success. Don’t compromise with less good location.

If you confuse to choose location, it is better for you to ask to others, don’t merely 1 people, but asking to some people concerning location which suited for your product. Usually from result of question and answer with others, especially more experienced, ideal image in our mind will be open progressively. Following below are some consideration in chosening business location:

1. Level Density.

Mount density relate to the amount of resident an area, what is many or not. For example an housing blood, with it’s dweller 1.000 family head or 4.000 family head, of course differ its density, or for example area around campus / university, there is how many campuss around area.

2. Level earnings of consumer candidate / society.

Know exactly mount earnings/ income of resident around the area. Because this matter relate to society purchasing power to our product. If its high purchasing power, we can sell product with rather quality, but if its purchasing power lower, we can sell product which its standard quality but cheap. If haberdasherry booth can sell product by more retail. For example selling cigarette per bar, non per bale.

3. How many competitor in the around location.

For business of trading, sure there are many other business in the place. Its diffraction if more and more opening the business in the area, progressively multitude. Because happened sentralistik kinds of business in one location, and this of course draw customer which far to come to go shopping. The example of mal public square or plaza.

4. Consideration of place of business.

Need to see the place. Usually if the place in a mal / plaza, more crowded visitor, but price rent costlier also. But bewaring of in chosening mal, there is mal which do not multitude, so it could our business not expand, because in this time more and more mal which pop out. Besides in mal, place around roadway also good, near by crossroad, in essence, the place of passed by crowded and in evidence of people.

5. Traffic

See the traffic, are there many people or not. If not pedestrian multitude, how about motorcycle or motor-car pass there.The place like this still competent to be used.

6. Level of competition

If you see crowded location, but business of a kind with you have quite a lot, don’t force to open business there. But if you sure because place position more strategic, bigger capital, better service, you may enter the competition.

7. Security and access to park.

Factor of safety is important enough. Because if a place is crowded but gristle of security facet, it is possible that improving expenditure of financial sector, caused by costs for safety, not to mention its risk to our goods stok and place of our business. Try to look for the place park peaceful and easy for vehicle, more than anything else if business which will be opened in the form of restaurant, because if consumeris difficult to look for place park, or park far from location our business, of course he customer will not feel safe and do not wish to return.

In opening business, need carefulness, don’t be gone heels over head, and do step with self confidence.

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