Develop ‘flea market surprise’ in area which not yet crowded in housing area.

If settlement of you there is shop complex which still is silent, try to perceive with detail, who knows and can imitate market surprise like ” market of Flohmak” Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Indonesia.

If you of live in settlement of giant like ‘self-supporting town’ Bumi Serpong Damai in Banten? If yes, try to collect the info or to explore settlement of you. Usually, settlement which wish to become ‘self-supporting town’, intensively build multifariously of business infrastructure and facility. Including in it shop area. Try to perceive, do at that shop area have crowded in visiting seller and buyer? possibility not. Even, most of the shop area still silent, because all merchant still shy at to open shop there and there is no fascination able to make buyer stop and buy in the place. But that way, exactly this matter represent a gap opportunity of business. The example is Winarto, a success develop a market which unique enough in location which not yet crowded with people.

Winarto start ‘its project’ at January 2007, and this time, He has succeeded to build a ‘market surprise’ in shop complex area of Granada, in area settlement of BSD. That moment before, that shop area still very silent, and shops still a lot is empty. ” The management of BSD also confess that not all shopping centre which they build in that shop draw visitor,” Winarto said. Cooperated with Co-Operation Employees of BSD, he created activity ” market surprise” to create crowd large group of new shop area people. Its target is to create business activity over there. Market surprise which carried out special for the goods of second hand (flea Market). In Europe, usually market of a kind this mentioning FLOHMAK. From that term is also taken as name of company that used by Winarto to carry out his ‘market of surprise’, namely: PD Flohmak.

If glanced at, ‘ market surprise’ This Flohmak is not differen from bazaar arena using tent in general. Under that tents is provided by small desks of place for merchant display its commodity. Which make different between market of winarto’ flohmak with ordinary bazaar is all facility provided by Winarto through his PD Flohmak. All merchant in this market surprise is merely cited by desk rent, Rp 50.000 per desk per day. each time a period of operation have done, employees of PD Flohmak will degrade tent and set right area of tersebur so that return as like before.

Market of Flohmak only open each saturday and sunday of morning till evening in a month, and in this time that market have been popular in that area. That Market surprise mean visited by about 3.000 visitor. If the first time the merchant of second hand goods which open the in place only from is ambient of BSD, now merchant from outside BSD also a lot have selling there. And its visitor also come from around Jakarta, the metropolitan City, bogor, depok, tangerang, bekasi. Most of merchant of market surprise this Flohmak is dweller of area of BSD. In general, they are the newbie trader ( beginner ) and even a lot of them only trying to ‘cleaning’ the the second hand goods filler of their house warehouse to be sold by this market.

In this time, available more than one hundred desk able to be rented. With tariff of Rp. 50.000 per day, automaticly a lot queue up to follow to try profit of selling in this market. In comparison with rent ‘space / counter’ in bazaar arena or exhibition which can reach Rp 300.000 per unit, of course this matter which make to the number of enthusiast which will selling in this market of Flohmak.


If be calculated, with amount of desk about/around one hundred, in 1 months Winarto can get about Rp 40 million from rent of desk. And for operating cost normaly fix, for example the cost of tranportation desk and tents, also cost for salary of the employees. “For operational of BEP, have been long reached,”  winarto said and telling that several percent the result of his effort is given to his partner, employees cooperation of BSD.

Winarto have 5 employees to help him in managing this market of Flohmak. The main duty of them is to draw up tent and prepare desk. While for the administration, the main duty is alloting number and arrangement of place. At others, Winarto also plunge as collector and merchant of second hand goods, and each time market surprise to operate, Winarto also follow to sell. Winarto especially sell and buy antique goods, furnitur, painting and the same kind.

During the time, Winarto and family live in Austria, because his wife is a officer of commisioned BATAN as supervisor of nuclear program for UN, and newly some times then go home to Indonesia. He interest to develop the business a kind of this after seeing what a ‘crowded’ the routine working in town of Jakarta. He feel do not ready to work in town of Jakarta because its hard jam. “I thought to have to find activity which  could be done without far from home,” said Winarto which his house’ located is not far from area of BSD.

Other side, Winarto also active to follow BSD Community list mailing about development of BSD and others in around life of citizen of BSD. From there later, then Winarto trigger his idea to develop flea market in the elite settlement. Till finally, Winarto make list mailing alone by his self, namely: fleamarket_indonesia@yahoogroups. In this mailing list, the information about market surprise Flohmak also be promoted.

According to Winarto, idea to found the second hand goods market it is appear when he is living in Austria country. In Austrian, many there are public locations which was used for flea market. For example empty building, there sometimes to be able to used as flea market arena.

For this business, seemingly Winarto very serious handling it. Even, he have prepared fund which do not less than Rp 3 Milliard as his business back-up. Till now, capital he which have invest equal to Rp 750 million. The money was used to buy shop, founding a fairish warehouse 250 square meters as goods repository and equipments, making peripheral tend 1.000 square meters and also buy desks, buying a car of suzuki pick-up and two motorbike for the fluency of operational.

Be seen from amount of fund counted Rp 3 milliard prepared by Winarto, in the reality Winarto have vision far to the fore and have desire of larger ones in development of this flea market project. According to him, flea market of Flohmak in this BSD only early. In BSD, flea market of Flohmak will be developed to become various form. If in this time in market of Flohmak known as by flea market which consist of all kinds of second goods from home doorstep, for the future hope can develop of a kind Factory Outlet with Flohmak brand. For example, Market Bird of Flohmak, Auto of Flohmak and others using flag of Flohmak.

Thereby, expected to the fore, there are market of Flohmak integrated. its Activity form like traditional market, where there are driving a bargain among buyer and seller. The market will be managed by PD Flohmak, standing above farm 2 – 3 hectare. The market will be rented with tariff reached. Therefore, according to Winarto, BSD will progressively complete, because not only filled by Mal and shops, so that area of BSD will become Mercusuar about self-supporting town which live and complete.

Till now, Flohmak in area of BSD and its surroundings there are some. In area of other BSD, precisely in shop complex of Cordoba, Winarto have also opened Flohmak outlet with Tag line: ” Flohmak Outlet, Wholesale Market Oblique Price”. Outlet which the same he open also in housing area of Bintaro. At the same time, he also plan to develop others Flohmak outside town of Jakarta. Dream of Winarto is, every sub-province there are Flohmak. That’s way, Winarto have also compiled investment scheme which wish he offer to enthusiastic investor plunge to this business. The form of cooperation can be kinds of. One for for example, investor enough provide place, and used name/ flag of Flohamak as second hand goods merchant place.

Beside that, Winarto also have in heart otherly, namely found AUCTION ROOM. According to man which have experienced various type of business, as far as his perception, Auction Room exist in Indonesia less optimal in presenting itself as Auction room. ” what they auction most are Bank assets which Governmental liquidation” said Winarto. Though, according to Winarto, Its Auction room of represent people place get gilt edged scarce objects.

Through his goals found Flohmak, Winarto hope one time can develop Auction Room like within reason Auction Room beyond the sea. For the matter winarto is busy to hunt second hand goods and also antique goods at the same time continue to develop Flohmak.

Winarto AR.

Address: Granada Square Blok I No 63 A, sektor XII-3, kencana Loka, BSD. Telpon: 021-70316671 . Email: winnsbury[at]yahoo[dot]com .

Source Of Referesi: Tabliod Duit! (Magazine MONEY) — Way Of Concrete Make Money.

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