Protection of Pipelies, Jetty Piles & Steel Structure

Protection of Pipelines: anti corrosion tape systems (complete range) & cathodic protection systems (impressed current).

Protection of Jetty Piles: seashield systems for splash zone & cathodic protection systems (impressed current).

Protection of steel structures, tanks: anti corrosion tape systems (complete range) & cathodic protection systems (impressed current).

Products & Services

Denso Anti-corrosion and Sealing products have a proven track record of solving problems in all kinds of challenging environments, worldwide, above or below ground and under water.

SeaShield is a range of systems developed specifically for the protection of new and existing jetty piles in splash and tidal zones.

To-date, 30,000 jetty piles have been successfully protected across the globe using SeaShield Systems. Even in Indonesia the first systems were installed in 1979 and are still in perfect condition.

Besides the protection of the Splash Zone we also offer Cathodic Protection and Internal corrosion solutions for jetty piles.

For existing jetty piles we can conduct a survey by our experienced engineers to do a comprehensive analysis of the installation and what needs to be done to extend the lifetime of the jetty piles in case the current protection is not adequate.

Exclusive agent for Indonesia: PT Imbema Pacific Indonesia

As sole agent in Indonesia for all Denso anti corrosion products from Denso factories in the UK, Germany, South Africa, etc. Corrosion prevention is one of our worldwide activities for more than 60 years. A complete range of materials and systems can be offered for the protection of on and offshore pipelines, jetty piles (special in the tidal zone), steel structures, flanges, valves, etc.

Contact: PT Imbema Pacific Indonesia

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