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Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology is well suited for the manufacture of relatively small, complex components requiring high strength and cost viability. MIM technology takes advantage of unique process capabilities, such as combining components into one complex geometry or co-molding and bonding dissimilar materials.

Metal Injection Molded Parts

Metal Injection Molded Parts

Complexity. The components can be created with complex-geometry features such as cross-drilled holes, threads and thin walls.

Material properties. Parts produced through the MIM process are comparable in density and strength to those made from wrought metal.

Tolerances. 0.03mm ~ 0.05mm per cm.
Finish. Typically around 1?m.

Quality. Computer controlled automatic production allow for the parts to be produced in large quantities while maintaining consistent quality.

If you have any inquiry about MIM parts please do not hesitate to contact me. We will calculate the price according to your drawings and requirements.

About Company:
Jiangsu Tech is a leading metal injection molding parts supplier and solution provider of powder injection molding products in China. We are committed to being the supplier of choice in the MIM industry for demanding soft magnetic alloys, stainless steels, tool steels, and custom designed materials offering varying properties for specific applications with high precision, complex shape, good mechanical properties and delicate appearance.

Our company also has the batch production capacity of ceramic and titanium alloy parts to meet the requirements of different customers.

We have a strong technical team which led by experts who have been engaged in this field for many years and also wins the technical support from foreign experts. Our technical and marketing team is devoted to providing excellent solutions and service to our customers.

Dedicated to continuous improvement, we have been ISO 9001 certificated. Whether you are developing a new design or re-designing an existing part, contact Jiangsu Tech with your specific needs

Contact: Davy Xia
Company Name: Jiangsu Tech – Division of Metal Injection Molding
Company Address: 24F, No.8, Zhongshan Nanlu, Nanjing, China
Posted Code : 210005
Phone :  0086-25-8327-3951
Fax: 0086-25-8331-0881
Email: mimparts@126.com
Website: http://www.mimwork.com

Metal Injection Molded Parts / Components Manufactured

Metal Injection Molded Parts / Components Manufactured

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