Acquirelists Email Appending Service

Acquirelists email appending services can provide accurate deliverable e-mail addresses, we guarantee the emails are deliverable and you only pay for confirmed emails. Our B2B email appending service finds deliverable business email addresses for up to 80+% of your corporate postal records.


  1. Increase sales opportunities
  2. Market effectively for the future
  3. Cost effective way to reactivate lapse/inactive customers
  4. Save postage and increase receivables
  5. Build a Solid Multi-Channel Strategy
  6. Provide a new channel of communications with your customers
  7. Support your direct mail initiatives (email in conjunction with direct mail has proven to increase overall response rates)
  8. More speed for your time sensitive communications
  9. Test new offers quickly before rolling out, Fast turnaround
  10. Our Multi-Source Approach Provides the Industry’s Highest Match Rates

Contact: Acquirelists


1971 Western Avenue, Suite 2889
Albany, NY 12203
Phone: 1-8006998169

Email : acquirelists[at]gmail[dot]com

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