Led Controller

Main products were led indoor display controller, outdoor display controller;  especially signal-zone controller asynchronously and double-zone controller asynchronously (including USB interface).

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Company Name:  Shenzhen Huidu Technology Co.,ltd

Company Address:
Room520, Fumin Building, Guanlan Town,
Shenzhen, 518110
Phone:  86-755-28165600
Mobile Phone: 86-13651440937
Fax: 86-755-28165600
Email:  ledhuidu [at] gmail.com
Website:  http://www.huidu.cn

About Company:

Huidu founded in 2009, committed to  research of high quality, value and Intelligence LED control system, applied  of Embedded control technology  and  graphic-digitization techology in our products successfully.

Since foundation, we are constantly developing and refining our electronic LED control system, designs, and manufacturing process to deliver continual improvement and value. Putting out 2 series of lED ATRIST and HD2010 intelligentize operation system and series of led controller, including HD-E, HD-U, HD-N, HD-M, HD-S etc. Adequately Showed our humanize, intelligentize, and simplify design minds.

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