Scientific Technical Supplies

PT. New Module INT; Scientific Technical Supplies.

CONTROLS: Testing Equipment for Soils/ Concrete/ Aggregates/ Bituminous/ Asphalt/ Cement/ Rock, etc.

Scientific Technical Supplies

Scientific Technical Supplies

* Biological Microscopes (Fluorescence/ Phase Contrast/ DIC/  Brighfield)/Polarizing Microscope/ Stereo Zoom Microscope/  Digital Photomicrography Equipment/ Research Software for Image Analysis/ Micromanipulator, Confocal System, 32 Channel Spectral Confocal System, etc.

* For the application on Cytology, Histology, Pathology, Parasitology,  Inspection lab on Quarantine & Veterinary, IVF & Embryo transfer, Tissue culture, Drug research, etc.

DGSI: Inclinometers/ Piezometers/ Vibration Monitor/ Extensometers/ Strain Gages/ Data Acquisition, etc.

HYDROLOGICAL SERVICES: Current Meter/ Water Level  Instruments/ Hydromat Data Collection Equipment/ Automated Weather Obs, etc.

TROXLER: Field & Laboratory testing equipments (nuclear & non nuclear) for moisture, density & content of soil/ asphalt/ concrete.

SCIENTIFIC HERAEUS: Laboratory Centrifuges/ Refrigerated Centrifuges/ High Speed Centrifuges/ Incubator/ CO2 Incubator/ Deep Freezer/ Safety Cabinet/ Drying Oven/ Hot Air Sterilizer/ Muffle & Chamber Furnaces/ Vacuum Drying Oven/ Low Temperature Chamber, etc.

STANHOPE-SETA: Petroleum Testing Apparatus/ Kinematic Viscometer/ Penetrometer/Oil Separator/Flash Point, etc.

TA Instruments: Thermal Analysis Equipment Instruments (DSC/DTA/TGA / TMA/ DMA/ TAM/ RHEOMETER).

GRABNER INSTRUMENTS: Optical Spectroscopy (Irox 2000)/ Digital Vapor Pressure/Digital Flash Point, etc.

TANAKA : Automatic Petroleum Testing Flash Point, Distillation, Vapor Pressure.

votsch Industrietechnik : Climatic Test Chamber/ Temperature Test Chamber/ Walk in Test Chamber for Temperature/ Humidity and Corrosion Testing/Test Chambers for Polluted Atmospheres/ Vibration Test Chambers, etc.

ibertest: Universal Testing Machines/Mooney Viscometers/ Hardness Testers/ Flow Testers/ Fatique Testing M/C, etc.

SCHENCK: Balancing Machine for Detection and Correction Unbalance  Condition Rotor, Turbocharger Dynamo etc

EXTEC: Metallographic Equipment for Cutting/ Mounting/ Grinding/ Polishing and Consumables, etc.

IrvineScientific: Tissue Culture/ Prenatal Diagnostic/ Reproductive Laboratory Product/ Diagnostic Manufacturing Components, etc.

ai APPLIED IMAGING : Ariol Automated Image Analysis System for : Quantitates INC & FISH / Immunofluorescence / Microvessel Density / DNA Ploidy ? Tissue Micro Array / Cellular Rare Event Detection slides, Etc.

SIBATA : Environmental Testing Instrument / Aerosol Photometer / Low & High Air Samplers / Water Activity Testing / Gas Meter / Mask Tester / Environmental Test System/ Distilation Apparatus, Etc.

Theodolites / Total Stations / Level, Etc.

Climatology / Hydrology / Telemetry System, Etc.

Seismic Equipment / Surveying Accessories Oceanographic Equipments : Meteorological / Environmental / Current Profilers, Etc.

Software’s for Multi-Beam Slide Scan Sonar/Echo sounder, Etc.

Vibration Testing Machines / Endurance Testing Machines for Automobile Parts / Power trains / Engines / Brakes / Stirring / Suspensions / Hydraulic Power, Etc.

SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) / Image Analyzer / ICP, Etc.

Accelerated Weathering Machines /Environmental Chambers, Etc.

Mercury Analyzer / Hydride-Vapour Generator / Polarimeter / Refractometer / Gas Chromatograph / HPLC / Analytical Balance, Etc.

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