Repair Furnace

Supplier of refractory and hot insulation for any kind of furnaces, boiler, heat treatment furnace, kilnetc.

Blast Furnace Steel Melting

Blast Furnace Steel Melting

Design, Repair and Service any kind of furnaces for ferrous & non ferrous melting/holding furnace, heater, kiln etc. Manufacturer of pre-cast as costum design sharp. Supplier and manufacture of iron & steel casting.

Contact: Hidayat

Company Address:
Sarua Makmur – Blok 1 No.2 -Ciputat – Indonesia.
Posted Code : 15414
Phone 1:  (021) 74634634
Phone 2:  (021) 74632770
Mobile Phone: 0821 2504 1340
Fax: (021) 7463 2769

About Company:

PT. Somit murni mandiri, establihed on 1996. Our Company focused in Refractory Business; Supplier and Repair any kind of Melting Furnace.

Somit Murni Mandiri  provides high temperature resistant material such as ceramic fiber, refractory  bricks, Castable, Mortar, calcium silicate, Lubricant for Die Casting and heat resistant material according to customer want.

Somit Murni Mandiri’s workshop is able to make various components for Furnace as Block Burner, Burner, a regulator of fluid such as Spout, Pre-Runner or other printed materials according to customer demand.

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