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EFBG Electro-hydraulic Pressure-flow control valve

EFBG Electro-hydraulic Pressure-flow control valve

Several Products:

  • EFBG Electro-hydraulic pressure-flow control valve. It is a kind of proportional valve with the hydraulic system’s pressure and flow respectively controlled by two electric signals. The valve tracks load pressure and controls pump pressure with very little  differential pressure. It is an energy saving valve.
  • EBG proportional pilot relief valve is made up of a direct-operated overflow circle, a pressure limiting valve and a low-noise felief valve. It controls system pressure according to the amount of the input current.
  • EDG proportional direct-operated relief valve, with proportion electro-magnet controlled direct-operated overflow circle, can be directly used in a small flow hydraulic system or used as the forerunner of the pilot relief valve and control system pressure according to the amount of the input current.
  • JM-02 saw machine flow valve is widely used in the hydraulic system of saw machines. Composed of a control valve core and a valvy body, this valve can stabilize the saw machine’s lifting speed and regulate the speed conveniently. Meanwhile, the valve can also be used in other hydraulic systems, effectively removing hydraulic shock and making the machine tool’s speed more stable.
  • and many more products

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About Company:

Dongguan Jufeng Hydrauilic Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of hydraulic components , the company has advanced mechanical equipment, multi-series CNC machine center, three times per testing equipment for various indulstrial equipment development of the main system unit. The company has strong technical force, and a number of professional and technical personnel, product performance and stability, quality and reliable by the majority of users praise.

Our company mainly produces high-pressure gear pump, electromagnetic flow control valve, valve lift, pressure relays, all kinds of valve, pump, hydraulic proportional valve and a variety of accessories. Jufeng hydraulic incepted 13 remaining years, we stuck to their commitment to technology innovation, commitment to quality in the development of capacity building, welcome old and new customers come to visit, let us work together to creat brilliant.

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