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Pressure Hose Series & Accessories

Posted at October 22nd, 2011 | Categorised in hose

Pressure Hose Series & Accessories, Made in Japan:

  • Toyoron (Hose Material ; PVC)
  • Toyospring, (Hose Material ; PVC)
  • Super Toyoron (Hose Material ; PVC)
  • Toyoring (Hose Material ; PVC)
  • Toyowelder (Hose Material ; Synthetic Rubber)
  • Toyo Silicone (Hose Material ; Silicone Rubber)
  • Toyo Silicone Spring
  • Ecoron
  • Hitrun (Hose Material ; Specialized PU)
  • Arrow (Hose Material ; PVC)
  • Toyorock (Hose Material ; PVC)
  • Paint (Hose Material ; Nilon)
  • HIT (Hose Material ; PU)
  • TOPRUN (Hose Material ; Specialized PU)
  • Paint-Twin (Hose Material ; PU + Nylon)
  • Air water (Hose Material ; PVC)


TOYOX, Industrial pressure Hoses for factory pipe Line & Machine parts. TOYOX feel that it is important to protect the earth for all mindkind and we  strive to promote  environmental protection. We minimize environmental  impact in our production and sale of pressure hoses, health heating/ cooling  and information related products.


Komplek Glodok Jaya No. 14,
Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta 11180,
Telp: (62-21) 5559375 (Hunting) ; 6264545 (Hunting)
Fax:  (62-21) 5560596 ; 55953111 ; 6599750 ; 6264540
E-mail :  indjaya [at] cbn.net.id
Website: www.indahjaya.com

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