PRO DESIGN, Furniture for Everyone with International Quality

PRO DESIGN, Furniture for Everyone, Furniture solution with international quality.

  • Sistem knock down dengan desain internasional
  • Sentuhan dan warna kayu yang elegan
  • Sistem hallow dengan honey comb; kokoh namun ringan
  • Memproduksi furniture kantor dan rak TV

There’s nothing more appealing than superior design. Our products are designed with a very simple philosophies, innovative, functionality, durability, and affordability. PRO DESIGN committed to gives the best design with price conscious in mind. The fact that our designs being copied by others, it’s just too flattering. We might say, others can only follow, but we’re not keeping our head up all the time, but we are changing as the dynamic market change with us.

Contact: PT Putera Rackindo Sejahtera

Jl. Segoro Madu II/3,
Gresik 61123 – Indonesia.
Phone: (62-31) 3970168
Fax: (62-31) 3970169
Email: info [at]


With Over two decade of history behind it, Pro Design has become one of the best panel furniture manufacturers. Today Pro Design is one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Indonesia that produce panel furniture made from particleboard and MDF with finishing in paper and PVC.

Pro Design has also established a solid international presence, providing satisfaction to customer needs. The support of approximately 1500 workers, 98000 square meters land and high-tech mass production machineries has enabled Pro Design to produce 150 containers of flat-packed panel furniture.

Pro design has been supplying European big players and buyers around the world since 1995. More over Pro Design has successfully established 25 Indonesia distributions network and become the leader in this industry.

Pro Design consistently offers you innovative products, not only in quality, but also in beauty, style, and its functionality.

For this purpose, we create a team of designers and engineers, using their specialized skills; we keep creating unique designs with their own distinctive style, characteristic and design features. The result is products that stand out from many others on the market today. Moreover, we also welcome your excellent appreciation, creativity and good taste in custom designs according to your needs.

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