Centrifugal fan, Turbo blade, Fan wheel, Fan blade, Control air damper, Roof fan, Axial direct fan, Vertical fan, Bifurcated, etc

Consultance, Manufacture, Modification, Spare part, Service Repair, Sole Agent in Technical Air System.

  • Centrifugal fan (belt drive centrifugal fan, cast iron exhaust fan coople centrifugal, direct drive centrifugal, high pressure blower industrial blower fan, low noise multi vane, low noise cabinet, low pressure blower).
  • Turbo blade
  • Fan wheel
  • Fan blade
  • Control air damper
  • Installation
  • Roof fan
  • Axial direct fan
  • Vertical fan
  • Bifurcated
  • Marine fan
  • Axial belt drive fan
  • Ducting
  • Air kit
  • Root blower
  • Portable fan
  • Box blower
  • Inline fan
  • Flexible ducting
  • Dust Collector System

Material: PVC, Stainless steel, Resistant manual or automatic system, sales & service.

Products: Blower Fan, Heat Exchanger, Hydraulic, Filter, Carbon, Mechanical Seal, Automatic System, Cooling System, Pump Compressor, Dust Collector, Cyclone.

we provide the following services for various types of products such as boilers and waterpump:

  • Service improvement / repair
  • Contract maintenance (Preventive Maintenance contract services)
  • Consultation techniques

Oil change (Rexorth), Wash filter, Repair valve, Clean up Block,  Calter, Oil Seal, Valve, Ring, Metal, Packing/Gasket, Slyp Kruk As-Fiter, Voring Liner.

Compressor Service Description: Adjust Fan Belt, Calibration, Modification, Pressure valve and accessories.

Includes spare parts as follows: Head Block, Fly Wheel Metal,  bushing, Rotor/Stator, Separator, Piston, Fan Belt.

Contact: PT Nusamandala Cipta Tehnik


Taman Palem Mall 1st Floor, Blok A no 91,
City Resort Jl. Kamal Raya Outer Ring Road Cengkareng,
Jakarta Barat 11730, Indonesia.
Telp: (62-21) 70016106, 70171611, 70112485, 52900252
Fax: (62-21) 56965384
Mobile: 0818 08 100 300
Email 1: customerservice [at] nusamandala.com
Email 2: engineering_nct {at] yahoo.com
Website: www.nusamandala.com

About Company:
Since 1975, P.T. Nusamandala Artha Cipta Tehnik provide engineering equipment includes: servicing, provision of spare parts, consulting, maintenance, planning and engineering equipment modifications. The
equipment includes a blower fan, heat exchanger, hydraulic, filters,
carbon, mechanical seals, automatic system, cooling system, pump
compressor, dust collector, cyclone and so on.

Our Products: blower, blower fan, blower centrifugal fan, axial fan blower, compressor, Hydraulics, pumps, flap damper, Sirocco fan, fan wheel, turbo fan blade, root blower, vortec blower, axial pump, fan blade control water damper, roof fan, vertical fan bifurcated, marine fan, ducting, water kits, portable fan, inline fan, dust collector systems, all types of blowers, spare parts, and others.

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