Centrifugal Fan, Domestic Ventilator, Roof Exhaust, Mixed Flow, Axial Fan

The KAT, FDA and BDA fans, manufactured in our Singapore plant, are licensed to bear the AMCA seal and check tests are done on a regular basis to assure accuracy.

Centrifugal Fan:

  • KAT, Suitable for packaged unit, AHU
  • FDA, DIDW foward curved for AHU, ventilation.
  • BDB, DIDW backward curved for AHU, ventilation
  • FSA, Sisw foward curved for ventilation.
  • BSB, Sisw Backward curved for ventilation.
  • KDD, DIDW foward curved rirect driven up to 5000 m3/h, suitable to use in clean room.
  • CSD, In-line fan with direct driven SISW fan.
  • BNA/ ANA Plenum Fan, Suitable to use for AHU and clean room.
  • CFT, Cabinet Fan, max. cap 72000m3/h.
  • BPA Plug Fan, Use within a chamber for ovens, dryers, kilns a cold room.

Domestic Ventilator:

  • MTD, Mixed flow in-line duct fan up to 2000m3/h.
  • TSK II, in-line duct fan, up to 1875m3/h.

Roof Exhaust: RDA, Direct driven, capacities up to 300000m3/h.

Mixed Flow: Direct driven and belt driven, up to 65000 m3/h.

Axial Fan:

  • TDA, Direct driven, smoke exhaust type available.
  • TBE, for exhaust & Ventilation.
  • TDB, for high temperature and contaminated air removal.
  • APW, Propeller fan for wall or panel mounting.

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