Engineering & Workshop

Arya Bhakti Ciptatehnik, Engineering & Workshop. Specialist:

  • Conveyor
  • Mixer & Tank
  • Spare part
  • Stone Grinding machine
  • Jasa tekuk, potong, bubut

Contact: Arya Bhakti Ciptatehnik


Jl Raya Perancis No. 35,
Phone: (62-21) 5554612, 5558635
Fax: (62-21) 5556044
Email: arya_bc [at]


PT Titis Sampurna ; Inspection, Verification and certification services. Engineering and project management service, Pipeline and plant operation, maintenance service.

Titis Sampurna provides operation assistance toward any system in facilities of oil and gas industry. The services include pipeline transmission, instrumentation, gas compression, gas processing plat, and maintenance for other supporting equipments. In addition, our company also provides operation and maintenance consultancy services to clients. We have since become a trustworthy partner for numbers of major international names in the oil and gas sector.

Contact: PT Titis Sampurna


Jl Sanjaya 1 No 47-49,
Kebayoran Baru,
Jakarta 12110, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 7246029
Fax: (62-21) 7246058
Email: contact [at]

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