Solar Module, Solar Power Generation, Solar Power Storage: for Rural Electrification, Grid Interconnect, Street Lights, Vaccine Refrigerator, etc


  • Solar module
  • Charge controller
  • DC Lamp
  • Solar power storage (SPS)
  • Plug & Play cable (P&P cable)
  • DC-AC inverter (150W s/d 5kW)
  • Solar water pump (surface & submersible)
  • Vaccine Refrigerator dll


  • Rural electrification (SHS, Hybrid)
  • Grid interconnect
  • Street lights
  • Vaccine refrigerator
  • Dryer Machine (MPTS)
  • Water pump (water supply, irrigation)
  • Navigational aids (oil & gas, mines)
  • Radio communications (SSB, Rig)
  • Satellite-Phone,
  • TV- satellite dish,
  • Traffic-signs

Utilization of Solar Water Pumps:

Based on the way to pump water, there are various types of pumps on the market, namely: centrifugal pump (the most commonly used), Peristaltic Pump (membrane), Piston Pump, Jet Pump, Rotary Load pump, and the Progressive Cavity Pump. Product MONO brand water pump using Progressive Cavity techniques for pumping water, in the form of a single rotor that spins unique helix shaped cavity rubber stator. The rotor rotated by the motor through flexishaft made of titanium or stainless steel.

Solar Dryer Machine (MPTS-GHE):

Solar Dryer Machine (MPTS-ghe) is used to improve the Product Quality Improvement Through Revenue of Industrial Products for Small / Domestic, Post-Harvest Commodities Agricultural / Plantation, Fishery / Seafood.

Solar Power:

Solar Power Generation (PLTS) at designated for the following purposes:

  • Household Electrical dole for consumers who live in areas where network electricity is not available: Rural (isolated), isolated areas, remote islands, etc..
  • Distribute electricity to equipment placed in remote locations that can works automatically without operator: TV Repeater, Relay Station, etc..
  • Ration equipment (both in urban and remote areas) that require quality and high reliability of electricity supply, both functioning as back-ups or as the tandem of the electricity network.

Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Surya (PLTS)/ Solar Power Generator change solar energy into electricity, and therefore does not require supply PLTS fuel and can operate automatically without requiring operator.

Solar Power Generation (PLTS) is the generating equipment that converts light sunlight into electricity. PLTS is often also called the Solar Cell, or Solar Photovoltaic or Solar Energy. Lay people often mistakenly assume Solar Water Heater (Water Heater Energy Surya) as the Solar Power Generation.

Solar water heater make use of solar thermal energy and produce hot water, the same principle also applies to solar dryer (dryer powersolar), whereas the Solar Power Generation/PLTS use sunlight to generate electricity. DC (direct current), which can be converted into AC power (alternating current) if necessary. Therefore that although the weather was overcast, so long as there is light, it can still Solar Power Generation/PLTS generate electricity.

Solar Power Generation is basically a power supply (which provides a power tool), and can be designed to distribute the electricity needs of small to large, either independently, or with Hybrid (combined with other energy sources, like  Solar-generator, PLTS microhydro, solar-wind), both with the method Desetralisasi (one home one plant) and Centralized method (electricity distributed in the network cable)

Advantages Solar Power Generation

Advantages of solar power plants than any other electricity generating system:

  1. No need for fuel, because it uses solar energy source that can be obtained anywhere free of charge throughout the year, so that almost no operating costs.
  2. No need for heavy construction and settled, so it can be installed anywhere and can be moved when needed.
  3. Can be applied centrally (solar Power Plant located in an area and power generated is channeled through the distribution network to places that need) or decentralized (solar Power system installed in each house, thus not required distribution network. This system is very suitable to be applied in rural areas with settlement patterns that spread).
  4. In the pattern of decentralization, disturbances in one system will not affect other systems and not much energy is wasted in distribution networks.
  5. Are modular; generated electricity capacity can be tailored to the needs by assembling the modules in series and parallel.
  6. It can be operated automatically (unattendable) and using the operator (attendable).
  7. Environmentally friendly. Does not cause noise pollution and smoke pollution.
  8. There are no moving parts, so that almost no maintenance cost. All it takes only a cleaning module and add water if dirty batteries (aquades).
  9. Life time of more than 25 years.

Contact: PT Azet Surya Lestari


JL. Merpati Raya No. 44
Kp. Sawah Baru Bintaro
Tangerang 15413
Telepone:  (+62-21) 74638606, 74638607, 74638608, 70728640
Fax:  (+62-21) 74638609

Email: grage [at]


PT. Azet Surya Lestari (PT Azet) is a private company, dealing with renewable energy business, particularly Solar (Photovoltaic) Energy and Small Scale Wind Energy. We manufacture balance of system for SHS and solar dryer,  distributor for products of BP Solar Pty Ltd of Australia (solar modules and solar equipments), Morningstar Corp. USA (charge controller), and Mono pump (solar water pumping).

Our market coverage:

  • Domestic market (all over Indonesia) and,
  • Export market (for balance of system of SHS).

PT. Azet Surya Lestari is capable to supply all your needs for hardware of any solar photovoltaic application (from relatively simple system to complicated and fully automated system) :

PV Component and Parts

Wide range of BP Solar PV Modules (6 watt ~ 150 watt); Wide range of solar regulator/controller (Morningstar, Steca, Trace, Plasmatronic); Wide Range of Batteries for solar applications; Various Solar water pumping (surface pump, submersible pump), Wide range of Inverters (Modify sine wave, Pure Sine wave); Various DC lightings; others accessories for PV.

Solar PV Applications

Solar Home System; Solar Lantern; Public TV and Digital Parabolic antenna; Water Pumping; Street Lighting/Garden Lighting; Telecommunication (including radio communication and data communication); Vaccine Refrigerator for rural remote healthcare centre; Navigational Aids; Military Man Pack; Hybrid System; Solar Drip irrigation system etc.

PT. Azet Surya Lestari has capability to provide the following services:

  • System Sizing and System Design to meet all customers requirements.
  • Installation and Distribution of PV system all over Indonesia.
  • Our technical team and implementation management has experienced and capable to install more than 1.500 PV Systems for rural homes per month all over Indonesia.
  • Training, monitoring and maintenance contract.


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