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PT Pura Mayungan, We Manufacture & Distribute Best Value Electrical Components & Switchboad

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PT Pura Mayungan, We Manufacture & Distribute Best value Electrical Components & Switchboad since 1975. Our products:

PMI, Panel Meter Instrument :

  • Analog meter
  • Digital Meter
  • CVM Network Analyzer
  • Current transformer
  • Digital KWH meter
  • Generator Controller
  • Power Transducer

PFC, Power factor Correction, To Avoid PLN Penalties & Optimize Electrical Network System :

  • Power Factor regulator
  • LV & MV Power Capacitor
  • Harmonic Filter Reactor
  • Automanual Capacitor Bank

IEP, Industrial Electrical Protection :

  • Protection Relay
  • Motor Protection relay
  • NH Fuse Link and Holder

SCW, switchboard Component & Wiring Tool, to protect your transformer & control your electrical energy :

  • LBS and COS
  • Push Button
  • Selector Switch
  • Socket and plug
  • Cable Lug
  • Cable Duct
  • Bakelite Insulator
  • Terminal Black
  • Panel Lock
  • Crimping Tool
  • Busbar

MVP, Medium Voltage Panel :

  • LBS Cubicle 24 kV
  • Metering Cubicle 24 kV
  • GCB Cubicle 24 kV
  • Medium Voltage Fuse

LSP, Lightning and surge protection. It is Ensuring Safety Of Human Lives & Building From Lightning :

  • Lightning conductor
  • Lightning Surge Arrester
  • Lightning strike Counter

EMS, Energy management service, The measurement solution, analyzing and controlling usage energy :

  • Energy audit
  • Energy manager training
  • EMS

Our brands: CIRCUTOR, AC & M, FAEL, CIRPROTEC, Telergon, T & B,  Roederstein, HAITAN, ENERGY ALLIANCE, SALICRU, CONZERV, Pronutec, etc

Contact: PT Pura Mayunganpmelectric.


Head Office
Jl. Hayam Wuruk 4F-H,
Jakarta 10210,
Telp : (+62-21) 3866228
Sales order: (+62-21) 5685687
Fax : (+62-21) 3456879
Email :    pm {a} pm-electric.com

Jl. Industri Keroncong No.95,
Jati Uwung Tangerang,
Telp : (+62-21) 59308891
Fax : (+62-21) 5901458
Email :    pabrik {at} pm-electric.com

PM Showroom
Lindeteves Trade Center
Lt. UG Block C30 No. 50
Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta Pusat
Telp:  (+62-21) 91279554

Website: www.pm-electric.com ||  www.puramayungan.com


PT Pura Mayungan is a company which since 1975 already started as Manufacturer, Trader and Distributor of electric panel components as well as low and high voltage panels. PT Pura Mayungan give top priority to the quality and reliability of our products. As such, any items we produce have to pass strict quality control processes in keeping with all the standards required at this time. We give same treatments to imported products.

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