Electric Wire Rope Hoist & Cranes

NIPPON HOIST is a leading and integrated hoist and crane manufacturer offering wide ranges of hoist-cranes components. The brand itself obtains a high reliance of durable functions and superior cost performance. Electric Wire Rope Hoist & Cranes, advance rationalization of transfer system.

Single speed hoist, two-speed hoist, creep speed hoist, three speed hoist.

  • New technologies and optimum mechanism ( 1 year warranty).
  • Electrical system: Tro-reel, trolley duck, Drop prevention, Guide roller.
  • Gear motors: MD type, GD type, MGB22, MGB32, Auxiliary winding hoist, NH cable balancer-T, Channel steel type, End Carriages.
  • Cranes type: Monorail crane, Underhung crane, Gantry crane, Special purpose crane, wall Jib crane, Top-running crane, Post Jib crane.
  • COMPONENTS: Nippon Hoist offers numerous components of hoist-crane in addition to various models of hoists ranging from 500 kg to 50 tons.

The best selling hoist in Indonesia.

Kito Hoist is an outstanding quality products providing a wide variety of product types along with remarkable performances. It is a continually-expanding huge range of hoisting systems in all industrial fields.

  • KITO ER SERIES: Three phase power supply
  • KITO EF SERIES: Three / Single phase power supply
  • EXPLOSION-PROOF TYPE: Electric Chain Hoist
  • KITO ED-II SERIES: 60kg – 240kg Single/Three phase power supply

Exclusive Sole Agent: PT WIRA DEREKINDO


Jl. A.M. Sangaji No. 2-B,
Jakarta 10130, Indonesia.
Telephone  : (62-21) 6338545 – 6333538
Facsimile  : (62-21) 6333536 – 6333941

Email     : derekindo(at)cbn.net.id
Website : www.wiraderekindo.co.id

PT Wira Derekindo is representing several renowned Hoists and Cranes manufacturers for Indonesian market. PT Wira Derekindo is always ready to cater any requirements of  customers in the need of initial designing, installation, operation and servicing of material handling system.

Several Project Application:

  • Over Head Crane, Double Box Girder Cap 23T x 28m Span x 144m Long.
  • Over Head Crane, Double Girder Cap (20T + 5T) x 16.5m Span
  • Over Head Crane, Double Girder Cap (50T+201) x 27.5m Span x 180m Long.
  • Semi Gantry Crane, Cap 31 x 15m Span.
  • Wall Traveling Jib Crane.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Crane


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