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Your Partner in Process Control and Instrumentation

Doing what we know best for you, Your partner in process control and instrumentation. Sole agent and distributor for:

Compressor Control Corporation. Innovative solutions for turbomachinery control systems:

  • Antisurge / performance control for centrifugal and axial compressors.
  • Governor control and sequencing control systems for steam and gas trubines.
  • Integrated and load sharing control systems for turbine driven compressors or turbine driven generator sets.
  • Advanced operating interface system available for all control systems.

Industrial control service, a world leader in control and safety systems:

  • Triplex fault tolerant programmable logic controller (TMR).
  • Burner Management System (BMS).
  • Emergency safety shut-down system.
  • Fire & gas detection system.
  • Data acquisition and monitoring system.
  • Antisurge & Turbine control system.

Electronic / Mechanical Gauging Control System:

  • Tank management system (Radar & servo type).
  • Level tank gauging and inventory control system.
  • Tank fitting, tank vents, breather valve, flame arresters, gauges and tank accessories (Manhole cover, Swing joints, etc).
  • Strip guiding and hydraulic controls.
  • Level switch.
  • Leak tank monitoring system.

AMOT Controls, quality and reliability for over 50 years. control solutions:

  • Valves
  • Sensors
  • Instrument and control systems
  • Control / PLC systems

PRUFTECHNIK, Productive Maintenance Technology. Laser Precision Alignment:

  • Rotalign pro, Optalign plus, novalign, smartalign.
  • Boralign, Centralign, Spindalign.
  • Pullalign (Pulley / Belt Alignment).
  • Levalign (Level Aligment).
  • Eddytherm (Bearing Heater).
  • Paralign (Roller Alignment Service).
  • Lambloc Permabloc (Shims).

Condition Monitoring Equipment:

  • Vibrotip, Vibscanner, Vibxpert (Cond Monitoring & Data Collector, Vibration Analyzer, Mach Diagnosis, signal analysis, balancer & trending).
  • Vibcode (Automatic location).
  • Omnitrend (RBM softwere).
  • Vibrex, Vibronet, Vibroweb (On-Line vibration & Tele-diagnosis).
  • Eddychek (Inspection NDT)

Services & Traning proactive maintenance (contract or on call): Vibration analysis, cond monitoring, in-situ / field balancing, laser shaft alignment.

Other maintenance products:

  • Boroscope.
  • Infrared termography.
  • Oil test.
  • Motor check.
  • Leak detector.
  • Torque analyzer.
  • Freezing.
  • Electrical test.


  • Steam and Gad Turbine protection and control system.
  • Compressor plant protection and control system.
  • Boiler protection and control system.
  • Purnance protection and control system.
  • Compressor protection and control system.
  • Flow measurement and custody transfer system.
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.
  • Programmable logic control (PLC) system.

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