PT Omron Electronics, Application Solution Project in Industries

PT Omron Electronics, Offering solution for customer’s satisfaction:

  1. Sulution for maintenance repair part
  2. Product and technical information
  3. Training in product & system
  4. Application solution project in industries automotive, F & B, Pharmaceautical: Vision & Inspection system, Smart sensor measurement system, motion control system, production treaceability using bar code  reader or RFID
  5. Factory automation integration solution project for industrial plant: PLC Networking system, Data monitoring system and acquistia, pokayoke & andon system, Refurbisment & Control system in machine.

Range of product:

  • Photo-micro sensors
  • Proximity sensors
  • Rotary encoders
  • RF-ID systems
  • Inverter
  • Safety curtain sensors
  • PLC-based process controllers
  • Softwere solutions
  • Field bus I/O systems
  • Power supplies
  • Intelligent signal Processors / digital panel
  • Meters
  • Solid-state-relays
  • Simple logic controllers
  • Liquid leakage sensor amplifiers
  • Level controllers
  • Counters
  • Timers
  • Industrial switches
  • Safety product
  • PCB relays
  • General purpose relays
  • CX one sotwere
  • PLC reporting softwere
  • Programmable terminals
  • Programmable controllers
  • Smartstep servo-motors
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • Temperature controllers
  • Vision sensors
  • Smart sensors

Contact: PT Omron Electronics


Graha Pratama Floor 3A,
Jl MT Haryono Kav 15,
Jakarta Selatan 12810, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 83709 555
Fax  : (62-21) 83709 550
Email: id_sales[at]ap[dot]omron[dot]com


In 1959 Omron adopted the corporate motto “At work for a better life, a better world for all.” Since that time Omron has committed itself to meeting the needs of society through the products and services it offers, and also by being a responsible corporate citizen that participates in the local communities where it does business. Omron focuses its efforts on such activities as social welfare, culture and the arts, science and technology, and international exchange.

Our Engineering team consist of product specialists, with experiences in Sensing Devices, Programmable Controllers, Control Components, and many other Omron product. With our knowledgeable consultant, we are able to help the customer to convert a conventional factory system into trouble-free, automatic, and easy monitoring system.

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