Control Valve & Accessories, Gas & Liquid Analyzer, Combustion Monitor & Control, Field & Panel Instrument, Calibrators


SAMSON: Worldwide leading manufacturer of control valves and accessories for all industrial process, such as general control valves, digital positioner, self operated regulator valves and etc. Providing manufactures of special valves, such as:

  • WELLAND & TUXHORN: Special valves for power plant applications.
  • LEUSCH: High performance butterfly valves with tri-centric design.
  • PFEiFFER: PTFE/ PFA lined control valves for chemicals application.
  • VETEC: Rotary plug valves ideally to control large flow valumes.


SIEMENS – PAS : Parallel and valveless Process gas chromatography, continuous gas analyzer, CEMS, laser analytics systems; analyzer system builder.

PRECISION SCIENTIFIC PETROLEUM INSTRUMENTS: World leader in on-line refinery instrumentation boiling point; Distillation analyzer, Cold Behaviour, Flas Point Monitor, Vapour pressure monitor, viscosity monitor.

PUJI GAS ANALYZER: On-line gas analyzer; CEMS.

THERMO ONIX: The world widest range of total sulfur analyzer.

TELEDYNE: wide range applications within various industries; continuous gas analyzer and liquid analyzer.


ENOTEX: Maximum efficiency and supreme quality oxigen and combustible analyzer.

DURAG: smart solution for combustion and emission.

  • Ignitors, flame scanner, pilot burner, burner camera, combustion control.
  • Optical Dust Concentration, opacity meters, valume flow meters, emission data processing system.


PUJI ELECTRIC, providing the best measurement system solution.

  • Differential pressure & pressure transmitter, recorder.
  • Ultrasonic flowmeter, magnetic flow meter, paperless recorder.
  • Level, Temperature Controller, Compact controller.

BADGER METER, Flow measuring, batching, Controlling. Turbine and magnetic Flowmeter; ultrasonic floweter, PD meter, Water meter, Venturi, flow element.

AMEX DREXELL BROOK, Leader in point level and continuous level measurement.

MARSH BELLOFRAM, Precision control Devices. I/P & E/P Transducers, Pressure Regulator, Lubricators.

TCP, Number one in High technology temperature measurement.


Transcat, offer more than 25000 test and measurement instrument, instruments for use in electrical, temperature, flow, level and humidity application.

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Jl Prof DR latumenten, Jakarta 11460, Indonesia.
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