PT Duta Sarana Perkasa, Manufacturing steel-reinforced concrete pipes and associated precast concrete products

Throughout the Indonesian archipelago, residential, industrial, and commercial areas alike depend on durable and hygienic pipeline systems to preserve the health and functionality of their respective communities. PT Duta Sarana Perkasa, also known by its trademark name Dusaspun, recognises and fulfills the needs of these communities.

Since its establishment in 1984, Dusaspun has attained reputable expertise in manufacturing steel-reinforced concrete pipes and associated precast concrete products. The company currently subsists as the leading manufacturer of concrete products in Indonesia.

Vihy Pipes, used for:

  • Drainage Pipe
  • Waste-water pipe
  • Raw-water pipe
  • Pressurized pipes
  • Pipa jacking
  • Pipa bend
  • Column / pillar

Other products: Component manhole, U-type open channel, Koker / Box Culvert, pre-press Panel, retaining wall, septictank & seepage, concrete fence, barrier, etc.

Product standard;

  • AS 4058
  • BS 5911
  • JIS A-5303
  • DIN 4032
  • ASTM -C76
  • AASTHO-M170
  • Sll 2140

Dusaspun and its subsidiary companies manufacture a wide variety of concrete-based products. We also assist customers with technical services in designing and installing the products for their projects.

Our concrete pipes are primarily utilized for sewerage and drainage lines, gas and electricity cable ducting systems, form work, and columns. Dusaspun pipes are able to resist external loads imposed by soil and vehicle traffic, internal water pressure, jacking forces, and exposures to aggressive conditions.

Dusaspun pipes are produced in an array of standard lengths, rigorously tested for quality, and assured by international benchmarks for acceptance. We also cater to the needs of individual customers who request for specially designed pipes, such as thick walled pipes, double socket pipes, or pipes with bend sections or of particular lengths.

Our latest products on the market are precast concrete panels and an improved, environmentally-friendly septic tank system, which can be used for high rise buildings, shop houses, shopping malls, and residential houses.

DUSASPUN Infrastructure Products created through the manufacturing process that follows the procedures and international requirements so it produce high quality concrete with the durability of a reliable and accountable.

In line with the program of Research and Development, DUSASPUN keep to develop SPUN Technology in the fabrication methods for Concrete Pipe, that, by adopting a process of “Screening (Centrifugal) combined with high frequency vibrations“, so that the resulting of concrete density exceeding 500 kg/cm2 with low permeability, and resistance to abrasion and other aggressive environments.

This is possible because using of the material tested first through a rigorous inspection at every stage of production is sustainable and implementing Quality Management System which refer to ISO 9001. There are so many infrastructure products that produced by DUSASPUN to provide the needs and design from the experts infra / in their field so it does not reduce the functionality and convenience of an area / shelter that is being developed.

Products produced, among others; reinforced concrete pipe for drainage and sewage, open channel type of U (U-Ditch), Koker (Box Culvert), Bak Control (manhole), drainage Capture Point Road (Side Entry Pit), Big Channel using Leg gutter, retaining wall (L-Shaped), and hundreds of other products related to infrastructure work.

smartBIOSEPT, the latest product innovations from DUSASPUN, is a biological septic tank that utilizes microorganisms to decompose waste, thus more quickly and securely to the surrounding environment, without the use of disinfecting materials / chlorine or the like. smartBIOSEPT able to receive ground water pressure without the need for special foundation under it, or casted.

ecoSEPT have 3 (Three) compartment / space decomposition of waste sehigga more perfect than the conventional septic tank. The water exhaust can be channeled or collected into absorbing wells, so as not to contaminate the ground water quality and your environment. Although efficient and economical, fixed ecoSEPT products have the reliability and high density concrete so as not to degrade, as was the case in septic tanks made from synthetic / other than concrete.

PIPE CL is a reinforced concrete pipes using rubber fittings that are placed on the spigot and the socket meeting so as to make it resistant to pipe water pressure arising from the flux (infiltration) or the entrance of ground water (eksfiltrasi). With this type of flexible joints, allowing the pipe was able to not break when there was a shift or decrease in soil up to 2 ? angle deflection of the pipeline direction.

Contact: PT Duta Sarana Perkasa

Alamat PT / Address:

Alia Building 5 floor Jl. M.I. Ridwan Rais No. 10-18 Gambir, Jakarta 10110 – Indonesia
Phone : (62-21) 386 7747 – 386 7737
Fax : (62-21) 386 7720

Jl. Raya Tlajung No. 68 Gunung Putri – BOGOR 16962 – Indonesia
Phone : (62-21) 868 62385 – 868 62386
Fax : (62-21) 867 2201

emai : dusaspun[at]cbn[dot]net[dot]id


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