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PT Conbloc Internusa, Creative Pavement, Block Paving Industry for various kinds of patterns

Posted at May 20th, 2010 | Categorised in concrete

The atmosphere that we desire does not come by itself, but we must create it. Likewise with housing and the environment are equipped with visual comfort layer on the streets and parks. Conbloc is a varied product types that can be created by a combination of colors and patterns are very interesting to give in terms of aesthetic beauty with a customized design process with the environment.

What is offered by PT Conbloc Internusa?

Quality and service are keywords that bring PT. Conbloc Internusa persisted since the early 1970s until recently as a Market Leader in paving block industry in Indonesia. We were the first to manufacture and introduce the paving blocks in Indonesia as an alternative to pavement for sidewalks, roads, industrial roads and container stacking area. Armed with experience, good organization and supported by modern production systems, we keep strives to create products with the best quality in accordance with our commitments.

We can help your design teams to create the beautify  layout / application projects and ensuring the use of our products correctly.


1. Classico and Segmento

Extension products from Conbloc which has a different variation which is more flexible. Most desirable to complement the beauty of the garden and elite housing. Aesthetically, Classico product and Segmento also widely used in almost all of Indonesia.

Classico and Segmento are a special pavement that has high artistic value because these products can be duplicated into various kinds of patterns / designs. Another advantage is the high level of flexibility so that you can apply for the designs of water / waves, a string of fan-stretching or excotic flowers with various colors.

2. Conpave

Innovative product that was born to answer the market demand for a product that has exterior aesthetic and functional value of good quality. This product has a rough surface resulting from a combination of concrete and natural stone. The advantages of Conpave is not slippery, easy to set according to taste, as well as many color choices.

Creative pavement conpave is designed to give the impression or an exclusive color for region / area. This product is very precise with the surfaces are made of natural stone and the size and type of product that provides many high level of flexibility in applying creativity, courage and creativity to create an attractive outdoor pavement design that can deliver more value in an area / region.

3. Constone

Constone is exclusive product that manufactured with the latest technology to produce products that have a high aesthetic value, natural impression on this product really stand out because on the surface using natural stone selection. Constone is very appropriate for use on a porch, patio and carport. Constone available in four natural colors.

Constone is the right choice to express the attractive ideas when you plan your landscape for pedestrians. You can choose Constone which according to your needs, whether that pattern has been formed, combine or mixed it with other materials to create stunning results.

Constone have a very precise size that provides more benefits compared to natural stone. Surface is rough and has a texture, it provide a broad selection compared to ceramic.

4. Anchor Wall Systems

Landmark – Anchor Wall Systems, a segmental retaining wall structures created with the most modern high technology. So it can make the retaining wall that is structurally very strong and have high aesthetic value with a competitive price. Of high aesthetic value even this product can be implemented as a retaining wall of non-structural which serves as the landscape.

Contact: PT Conbloc Internusa

Alamat PT/ Address:

Jl Kedoya Angsana Raya Blok 2/2, Kedoya, Jakarta, Indonesia 11520
Phone: (62-21) 5803043
Fax: (62-21) 5804855
Email: info[at]conbloc[dot]com
Website: www.conbloc.com

3 Comments for PT Conbloc Internusa, Creative Pavement, Block Paving Industry for various kinds of patterns

  • sofjan dana says:

    Memerlukan informasi product dan design

  • eryanto says:

    mohon penawaran harga untuk paving type standar (kotak persegi biasa)yang natural dan warna dengan vol +/- 12.000 m2 komposisi 15% warna dan 85% natural untuk daerah pondok cabe – dekat lapangan udara
    terima kasih

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