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PT Cipta Surya Persada, Corrugated Steel Product Specialist

Posted at May 26th, 2010 | Categorised in concrete, pipe, steel

We are a manufacturer of Corrugated Steel Pipe helical-type CSPs are lightweight, non-corosive, high durability to withstand the burden and economic. CSP can be used for Water management, drainage, or culvert,
etc.. With the support of our workshop in Cikande-Serang, we believe we can meet your project requirements on time. Used For:

  • Drainage (Gorong-gorong)
  • Detention & Retention System (Penangkal banjir)
  • Drainage / waste / sea water
  • Cooling water System
  • Water-Tank
  • The well-diffusion
  • Bridge structure
  • Tunnel Cable

Other product:

  • Guard Rail
  • Manhole
  • Manhole component
  • Elbow, Tee, Cross & Reducer

CSP Specification:

  • Production methods: Automatic Lockseam Spiral Corrugation
  • Coating: Metalic coating & Non Metalic coating
  • Dimensions: Diameter 150mm – 3.600mm
  • Durability: More than 50 years
  • Long-Effective: Flexible according to demand

PT Cipta Surya Persada flanged nestable Corrugated steel Pipe consits of half-round sections with side flanges that can be easyly bolted together to form a corrugated steel pipe.

Flanged Nestable Pipe has many uses: as culverts, storm sewers, drains, casing and utilidors. The product is especially utility without disturbing its operation. The sections, all heavily galvanized, provided product that highly durable under normal conditions.

PT Cipta Surya Persada is specialized in manufacturing and distributing of innovative corrugated steel pipe for various usages and applications.

To meet your specific needs, we always try to find the best solution that can optimize your project circumstance and maximize technical as well as  commercial benefits.

From consulting, designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning to after service, we are ready to satisfy you with our customer satisfaction service.

Now, with strong promising to succeed in positioning ourselves as a leader, we appreciate you attention.

Contact: PT Cipta Surya Persada (CSP)

Alamat PT / Head Office:

GD DAPENTEL Lt 5, Jl Letjen S Parman Kav 56,
Slipi, Jakarta, 11410, Indonesia
Contact person: Mr. Rifki M.
Mobile : 08158298261
Phone: (62-21) 5482077 (Hunting), 5482677
Fax:  (62-21) 5482677
Factory: (62-21) 254402947-9

Email:  steelscp@steelcsp.co.id
Homepage:  http://steelcsp.co.id

4 Comments for PT Cipta Surya Persada, Corrugated Steel Product Specialist

  • The Company manufactures two basic product lines, friction bearings and steel: dropshippers.co.za/Rail-Guard.html –>Rails Rail Guards

  • M. Nur Syamsir says:

    Permintaan harga Pipe sbb:
    ITEM LIST • NO. Material ID. Quantity Unit :

    1. 53220-7 12 PCS
    Description : PIPE: 0.50″X 6M;S.40;TP304;SMLS;PE
    2. 73567-1 18 PCS
    Description : PIPE: 0.75″X 6M;S.40;TP304L;SMLS;BE/PE
    3. 73569-8 6 PCS
    Description : PIPE: 0.50″ X 6M;S.40;TP304L;SMLS;BE/PE
    4. 80430-4 4 PCS
    Description : PIPE: 0.75″X 6M;S.80;TP304;SMLS;PE
    5. 79678-6 1 EACH
    Description : FLEXIBLE HOSE MATERIAL : SS304L SIZE : 0.75 IN X 650 MM TYPE : BW604-1S DRAWING NO. : SF1-10384-108-3 OR S4-10384-2 SHEET.36 MANUFACTURE : DE JONG-COEN B.V
    6. 37202-1 30 SET
    Description : MACHINE BOLT: 0.625″X150MM;11UNC;A307.B C/W.NUT;A307.B -HEXAGON
    7. 57122-9 100 EACH
    Description : STUD BOLT: 0.50″ X1000MM;13UNC;A193.B7

    Permintaan harga Maching Bolt sbb:

    • ITEM LIST •
    NO. Material ID. Quantity Unit

    1 44997-0 50 SET
    Description : MACHINE BOLT:M 20X 60MM;2.50ISO;A193.B8M/ SS316 C/W.NUT-A194.8MA(SS316)-HEXAGON

    2 55773-0 80 SET
    Description : MACHINE BOLT:M12X 40MM;1.75ISO;A307.B C/W.NUT-A307.B-HEXAGON

    3 62728-3 30 SET
    Description : MACHINE BOLT: 0.75″ X 90MM;10UNC;A193.B8/ SS304 C/W.NUT;A194.B8;HEXAGON

    4 79722-7 100 SET
    Description : MACHINE BOLT:M 16X 50MM;2.00ISO;A193.B8 (SS304) C/W.NUT-A194-8MA;HEXAGON

    5 01177-0 20 PCS
    Description : STUD BOLT:M 22X1000MM;2.50ISO;A193.B7

    6 01899-6 100 SET
    Description : STUD BOLT:M 16X 70MM;2.00ISO;A193.B7 C/W.NUTS-A194.2H -HEXAGON

    7 49131-4 8 SET
    Description : STUD PLAIN, BOLT MATERIAL : A193 GR.B7 SIZE : 0.750INX145MM-10UNC C/W : NUTS-A194 GR.2H

    8 55630-0 20 SET
    Description : STUD BOLT:M 10X 50MM;1.50ISO;SUS.304 C/W.NUTS;G4303/SUS304-HEXAGON

    9 54686-0 500 SET

    10 66520-7 500 SET

    11 66522-3 400 SET

    12 89252-1 16 EACH
    Description : SCREW CAP-HH PART NO. : 91497-P DRAWING NO. : 159300 POS NO. : 24

    Terima kasih,
    M. Nur Syamsir – Cv. Maharaya Agung

  • Nengah Agus S says:

    Mohon diberikan penawaran harga ;

    1. corrugated-steel dia 900 mm, tebal 3,5 mm untuk total panjang 50 mtr
    beserta bolt dan nut-nya.
    2. Mohon info untuk Perwakilan CSP wilayah Kalteng, Kaltim dan Banjarmasin.



  • seno says:

    Mohon penawaran harga culvert dengan diameter 2 meter dan panjang 8 meter

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