The Power Protection Specialist, Authorized Distributor and Qualified Service Partner of Powerware UPS

Eaton Powerware, With more than 40 years experience. The World’s #1*UPS :
*#1 in worldwide UPS sales above 5 kVA
#2 in worldwide UPS sales at and under 5 kVA
Widest product line selection
Highest at customer satisfaction
(Frost & Sullivan report, 2003, 2004, 2005)

Eaton Powerware is the global leader in the power protection industry. Offering the broadest range of products and services available today, Eaton Powerware integrates a full line of AC and DC power systems, power conversion products, telephone line surge suppression, power management software, remote monitoring, turnkey integration services and site support, providing a seamless solution.

Eaton Power Quality design and manufactures innovative, end-to-end power protection and management solutions for information technology and other electronic devices .

Solutions for information technology and other electronic devices. Solutions are comprised of Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPSs), power management software, accessories and services that provide multiple levels of protection for applications from the desktop – to the data center – to specialized medical, industrial and communications equipment. Powerware is headquartered in Raleigh, NC, USA.

PT. Deltasindo Raya Sejahtera – Authorized Distributor and Qualified Service Partner of Powerware UPS for Indonesia. Our company is specialized in Power Protection Industry with more than 14 years of experience.

Product and Service:

  • UPS from 300VA to 4000VA
  • Isolation Transformer
  • UPS and electrical installation
  • UPS repair and service
  • UPS preventive maintenance

There are three types of UPS: level 3, level 5, and level 9. To choose the UPS that is right for you, first determine the level of power protection that is needed.

It is obvious that the ideal is to provide the full protection from all power problems afforded by a Powerware series 9 UPS. But there may be applications where power quality is known to be high, or where the load is not considered critical, or where budget considerations force a compromise.

  • 3 Level of protection: 3105 (350 – 700 VA). Powerware 3105 offers basic power protection for a single PC in home office environment.Aplication: PCs, Workstations, POS, SOHO.
  • 5 Level of protection: 5125RM (1000-3000 VA), 5115M (500-15000 VA), 5115 (500-1400 VA), 5125 (1000 – 2200 VA). Application: Servers, Network Devices, PCs, Workstations, PABX.
  • 9 Level of protection: 9120 (0,7 – 6 kVA), 9125RM (1 – 6 kVA), 9155 (8 – 15 kVA), 9170 ( 3 – 18 kVA), 9355 (8 – 30 kVA), 9370 (160 – 500 kVA) and 9390 (40 – 1280 kVA). Application: server Rooms, Data Centres, Communications, Industrials, Critical Equipments.

Product info:

  • Power failure
  • power SAG
  • Power surge
  • Under voltage
  • Overvoltage
  • Switching transient
  • Line noise
  • Frequency variation
  • Harmonic distortion

UPS Protected Applications:

  1. Design & Engineering (Product Dev. and Engineering and Architectural Design CAD/CAM, Modeling, Package, StressAnalysis)
  2. Communications (Telephone Systems, Radio Systems,Radar Tracking )
  3. Electric Utility (Service Digital Quality Power, Dispatch Centers, Load Leveling Management Systems, Peak Shaving Systems)
  4. Health Care (Lab RadioloLgy, Diagnostic, Scanning, Treatment & Therapy Radiation System)
  5. Legal (Private Law Practice Client Billing, Court Calender, Case Tracking, Litigation Support)
  6. Financial (     Securities Trading Real-time Portfolio Monitoring, Document Processing Image Processing Equipment, Processing Mortgage Lending, Personal & Commercial Banking Teller Terminals)
  7. Manufacturing (Production CNC devices, Inventory Control Automated IC Systems, Quality Assurance Measuring Devices)
  8. Publishing (Document Prep Desktop Publishing, Typesetting, High Speed Laser printers, Publications Word-processing, Wire Services, Electronic Mail)
  9. Emergency Services (Fire & Safety 911, Office scheduling, Lab Blood Analyzer)
  10. Security (Entry Systems Security Card Readers, Prisons Key Control Systems)
  11. Retail (Store Front Operations POS Equipment, Shoplifting Control Devices, Inventory Control Systems)
  12. Travel and Entertainment (Radio/TV Automatic Commercial Playback Systems, Transmitter Equipment,On-Air Video Tape Machines, Video Switching, Broadcasting / Travel Reservations ATB Datamax, DeltaStar, Itinerary/Invoice Processor, Apollo)
  13. Transportation (Shipping/Freight Automated Dispatch Services, Express Mail Services Electronic Scales, Highway & Light Real-Time Traffic Analysis, Aircraft Aircraft Ground Support)

Contact: PT Deltasindo Raya Sejahtera

Address: Jl KH Zainul Arifin 31- O, Jakarta 10130 – Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 6310202
Mobile: 0812 9090 753
Fax: (62-21) 6339937
E-mail: sales[at]deltasindo[dot]com

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