The Computer Protector, Manufacturer of ICA UPS and STABILIZER

ICA UPS, Uninterruptible Power Supply Stabilizer Manufacturer from Indonesia. On Line UPS Features:

  • Online system double conversion
  • Output isolating transformer
  • Input – output insulation (operating from inverter)
  • Manual bypass
  • Low harmonic distortion rejected into mains
  • IGBT technology for high frequency communication
  • Automatic battery test
  • High cress factor
  • RS 232 – RS 485 Serial interfaces
  • High efficiency starting at 25% load
  • Easy installation and maintenance: total accessibility from the front
  • Easy to use manage, with piloted start-up and friendly
  • SNMP (Optional)
  • Control softwere for windows (optional)


  • 10 KVA On Line Sinewave UPS
  • 10 KVA – 25 KVA On Line Sinewave UPS
  • 0,8 KVA – 8 KVA On Line sinewave Tower UPS
  • 1 KVA – 3,2 KVA On Line – Off Line Stream Line UPS
  • 0,6 KVA – 3,2 KVA Line Interactive Compact Size
  • 350 VA – 15 KVA Ferro Resonant Type
  • 500 VA – 60 KVA Servo Motor Type

nirax, Cabinet Rack System: 19″ Standard Cabinets, 19″ Open rack, 19″ Wall Mounted. Application:

  • Electronic control system
  • Computer system
  • Telecommunication system
  • Testing Instrumentation system
  • Monitoring system
  • Power supply system – etc

Contact: PT Indodaya Cipta Lestari

Address:Jl. Pinangsia I No.22 BB, Jakarta 11120, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 6906020,6906375, 6905957, 6398870, 6497451, 6497634, 6280116, 6284749, 6284750, 56954436, 56954456, 6008907
Hotline Service: (62-21) 6008906
Fax: (62-21) 6263934/ 6251768
E-mail: ica[at]pacific[dot]net[dot]id
Info about UPS

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply.

What is the function of the UPS?

UPS works to keep electronic devices will still get power when a sudden flow of electricity from state electricity company (PLN) is off. UPS will automatically switch at 0.004 seconds of electric current to the battery power, so that electronic equipment running.

UPS lot used primarily for electronic equipment that need to be constantly on during the work, such as a PC (personal computer). The electric current sudden off may also cause damage to computer equipment. We know that Electric company PLN often do electrical current off without prior notice, or to do electric off at the time working hours.

From the characteristic wave UPS can be divided into 2 parts, namely:

1. UPS Sin wave (sinus), such as electrical waveform PLN

2. UPS step-square/modified sinwave, square waveform

    UPS sinwave

    UPS has the advantages which when electric flow from PLN’s off, then the UPS will automatically work with the time switch zero seconds. When condition of PLN electricity on or off, remains a source of electricity load is obtained from an inverter / battere. Which the electricity of PLN alternating current is converted to direct current, then the direct current is made again to the flow back and forth. Conversion twice. The advantage of this UPS is a disorder imaginable filtered at PLN electricity well, so free from interference.

    UPS step-square/modified sinwave

    When PLN electricity is on, the PLN electricity forwarded to the load (PC). If electricity of PLN off, then the switch will be moved and the inverter / battere work to provide electricity to the load / device (There are lag time to move 3 to 4 milli seconds = 0.004 seconds).

    UPS sinwave certainly more expensive, because it has several advantages over the type of square wave. Certainly UPS option type is right for your needs depends on the budget and to what UPS needs it.

    If you need a UPS for PCs – personal computers, the type of square wave UPS with a fairly economical price is adequate. If you want to use this UPS for a server computer, the UPS will be sinwave type the right choice.

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