PT Vaksincom, Provide Antivirus Service & Protect Your Computer Network

Friends at the trouble is a true friend! That’s the motto of the Vaksincom technicians. If the antivirus vendors provide better services to you when you buy and extended the antivirus service, PT. Vaksincom actually provide the best service to you when you are attacked by a virus and need help. This is evident from Vaksincom customers who already extend to five years in a row and did not think to use other antivirus services.

Since the first time you decide to use the services Vaksincom, Vaksincom Technician will come to install antivirus, install the patches and clean the virus in each computer on your network. You just need to sit and relax to see what is done, of course if you want to know more and help the installation, Vaksincom Technician will be happy to give information.

Not only that, on a regular basis Vaksincom Technician will visit your company’s “only” to ensure that Norman Virus Control (Best Antivirus 2007 antivirus Top of the ninth in a laboratory test by Chip Magazine) that is installed on your company’s computer network to function properly protect the user from all virus threats.

What if the computers in our company infected with the newly virus, what is the responsibility of PT. Vaksincom? PT. Vaksincom not guarantee your computer  can not be infected with a virus (because the virus is always one step ahead of antivirus) BUT PT. Vaksincom GUARANTEE that if your computers are infected with new viruses, Vaksincom technician will come to help deal with your problems and do not require you to face difficult times alone.

And you should know, you will be assisted by an experienced technician Vaksincom with technical support Norman Virus Control is able to provide updates on new virus definitions in the number of hours (in emergencies) and issued a removal tools tailor made according to the type of virus that attacks your company’s computer.

Moreover, the support of the local virus laboratory owned by PT. Vaksincom provide assurances that any new virus that attacks you will be resolved quickly and accurately and you will also get a registry fix, something rare and can only be done by an experienced professional virus protection service.

One more thing we forgot to inform you, all this service we provide to our corporate customers at no additional cost aka FREE! (Valid for Greater Jakarta (Jabodetabek) and the cities which have representatives support PT. Vaksincom across Indonesia).

Contact Adi, Sugeng or Tuti at email address: marketing[at]vaksin[dot]com to get Norman Free Trial and cleaning viruses on your 5 computer on the network.


1. Vaksincom not just selling antivirus program, but Vaksincom must have installed into your network so that you buy an antivirus program can be used optimally. If there are other vendors who “promised” to provide services as provided by PT. Vaksincom, do not jump to believe it. Do crosscheck and ask for proof in writing on the stamp in the MOU that all services provided without extra cost.

2. Vaksincom and other vendors provide international support in English, Vaksincom also provide support in the Indonesian language.

  • A virus that will attack your computer not only internationally but the majority of locally viruses, so local support is the best response to threats of local and international support is not quicly response for the local viruses.
  • Constraint Language, which international support use English, so you must be fluent in English to communicate.
  • Constraints time difference (Time Zone), where your email will not be directly back by an expert because of differences in working hours. This becomes a serious problem because if we have a problem with viruses, it could not have waited and had to get a direct solution or operations will be disrupted.

3. To cover the weakness of the International Support, Vaksincom provide Local Support services, which Vaksincom technicians will ready to assist your problem in Bahasa Indonesian without the time difference (Time Zone), so your issue can be handled directly now.

Additionally, to enhance protection from viruses that have been in foreign countries cover by Norman Virus Control from Norway, PT. Vaksincom also complement and to provides the local virus laboratory, that   average daily confront and analyze two new local virus.

4. Each country must have a local virus that sometimes very disturbing, but not detected by antivirus software due to the low diffusion rate. Vaksincom provides introduction local virus within 24 hours.

5. Manual in Bahasa Indonesia. In order to facilitate consumers in performing anti-virus program installation, Vaksincom also provide manual in Bahasa Indonesian (Norman Virus Control product).

6. Vaksincom has the mailing list, which always be ready to provide information on latest virus threats for you. For corporate customers of PT. Vaksincom, available debriefing mailing lists

7. If your hard drive are experiencing problems or destroyed viruses and crashes (software), also provides data recovery services with a 50% discount from normal price.

8. Vaksincom also provides a forum for consultation about virus problem and installation problems in

9. Cure for local virus / new which has not been detected, direct support from the team Vaksincom.

Contact Us : PT. Vaksincom

Alamat pt/ address:

Jl. Tanah Abang III / 19E
Jakarta 10160
Ph : 021 345 6850
Fx : 021 345 6851
Email : marketing[at]vaksin[dot]com

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