We Produce Sodium Silica

We produce the following:

A. Sodium Silica (Solid/cullet) ratio: 2.2~2.3, 2.4~2.7, 3.0~3.6
B. Sodium Silica (Liquid/water glass) Be 33~37, 40~42, 50~52, 56~58, Ratio 2.1~2.7, 3.0~3.6
C. Silica Gel:

  1. Fine pored ball silica gel (type A)
  2. Type B silica gel
  3. Blue silica gel
  4. Color variable silica gel
  5. KSG silica gel
  6. Silica gel macro-porous micro spherical
  7. Silica gel for variable presure absorption
  8. Silica gel for beer
  9. Activated silica gel
  10. Silica gel plates
  11. Macro-porous ball silica gel
  12. Type C silica gel
  13. Silica gel desiccant for packaging and container (food grade)
  14. Silica gel drying tablets
  15. High efficient dryer
  16. CFG silica gel thin layer chromatographic
  17. Silica sol colloid silica
  18. cat litter

We accept special order

Contact: PT Bumitirta Mas Nusantara

Address: Jl Raya Mojosari Trawas KM 3, Ds sekargadung, Kecamatan Pungging, Mojokerto, East Java, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-321) 594855 (hunting)
Fax: 962-321) 594860
E-mail: bumitirtamas[at]yahoo[dot]com  or
Website: www.silicagelbumas.com

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