We Manufacture PIGMENT PASTES for Industrial Applications

We manufacture PIGMENT PASTES for industrial applications: paint (solvent & water based), fiberglass/ button/ polywood, epoxy, PVC & PU, leather, polyurethane, foam, leather finishing, textile printing, silicone rubber, soap / balloon, OPP tape, etc. The pigment pastes are basically grouped into three systems: water-based, water-solvent based and solvent-free solvent based.

To expedite synthetic PVC and PU leather manufacturing and to yield better dispersion result, solvent-free MATAPEL UNIPLAST was innovated. Since its first debut, it has made coloring of synthetic leather a lot simpler and faster with a lot better result and pigment efficiency.

Much of the direction and growth in the paint and coatings industry in recent years has been driven by developments in major product areas. Increasingly environmental legislation to reduce VOC emissions has resulted in growth across all non-solvent coating areas. To specifically answer this requirement the solvent-free MATAPEL UNICOAT and the water-based MATAPEL UNIQUA were introduced to the coating markets. In the booming textile industry in Indonesia, PT MATA PELANGI participates in supplying pigment dispersions for textile printing applications.

Though newly introduced to the market, MATAPEL UNITEX has gained popularity with increasing market share in just a short time due to its attractive selection of colors, color strength, color brightness and its high pigment content.

We also supply: orgnic pigment, inorganic pigment, fluorescent pigment, pearlescent, pigment, phosporescent pigemnt, alumunium paste, , titanium dioxide, oil dyes, CHPO/MEKPO/BPO, silicones product, anti foam, anti float, anti separation agents, dispersing agent, anti settling agents, thixotropy agents, other special additives, PVC resin, food colors, flavors, fragrances and raw materials for fiberglass industry.

Besides the pigment division, PT MATA PELANGI has also enlarged its scope to cover other chemical business by building three more divisions. The second division founded was the Special Additives division, in which we manufacture products such as Water-based Dispersing Agent, Solvent-based Dispersing Agent, Non-Silicone Anti Foam, Thickener, Anti-Float, Anti-Settling Agent, Anti Separation Agents and other additive specialties that we design, develop, and fine-tune to the specific needs in many industries.


The most important operation in making a paint or ink according to a given formulation is the dispersion of pigments or fillers. Suitable machines, such as mixers and agitators are being used to achieve homogeneous products. While machinery is an aid, the most important role in achieving a good dispersion lies in the superb technology of the surface active chemicals being used, called dispersing agents. We offer a range of QUASPERSE for the water-based systems, and DISPERSEMAT for the solvent based systems. Our dispersing agents, when added to a suspending medium, will promote uniform and maximum separation of the pigment’s or fillers solid particles.

Antifoams are materials which prevent foam formation. Defoamers are materials which break existing foam. In both cases, the material must have low surface tension, insolubility in foaming system, inert, low volatility and effectiveness at low concentration. Our ANTI FOAM  range has been developed to act both as an antifoam and as a defoamer. With its 100% active ingredient content, it possesses all the above characters of this type of chemical. It has also been widely used to eliminate and prevent surface foam and enhance air in paint industry, printing inks, adhesives, as well as in water treatment plants, and other industries.


Silicone is very inert, non-toxic and special product with distinguished properties and can be used in plenty of applications. There are two products currently commercially available from this division: Silicone Emulsion and Silicone Rubber.

Silicone emulsion is widely used as a release agent for tires, industrial rubber parts, plywood and plastic products. Other uses include surface synthetic fiber fabric softener, nonstickingprevention, leather and upholstery surface protection, cutting knife, etc. Our silicone emulsions are very stable emulsions and areavailable in silicone concentrations of 30% (S230E), 33% (S233E), 60% (S260E), and 70% (S270CONC).

Silicone Rubber is the most versatile and the best quality mold making material available nowadays in industrial world, suitable for a wide range of molding requirements. Polyester and epoxy resins, low temperature metals, acrylic, urethane and urethane foam, concrete, waxes, and plaster can all be molded and formed using silicone rubber molds. Silicone Rubber is an inorganic material with unique characters that make it perform much better compared to other mold making materials such as epoxy, urethane and other organic materials like latex rubber. MATLASTIC™ 700 TA is a two component Silicone Rubber that will cure at room temperature (RTV = Room Temperature Vulcanization) with addition of 2,5 % – 5 % of HARDENER 700 TA.


The youngest of the four divisions, Polymers division, offers the most diversed products for various industries, ranging from specialty resins and vehicles for our own use, textile reducer, various adhesives to a non toxic deodorizer, that we call Deo-D. To build on our strength as a focused niche-player in the chemical industry, this division is concentrating on making specialty or tailored made chemicals. This division is developing new products and processes that are blazing trails for tomorrow’s industry.

METAPEL CHEMICALSPigment Preparations Specialadditives

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