The Chemicals Supplier of Industrial and Specialty Application

The chemicals supplier of industrial and specialty application, major markets and application includes: agro chemicals, ink, paints, textile, leather auxiliaries, paper, adhesive, industrial, cleaning, rubber and plastic industries.

ciba, CRODA, FACI Metalic Stearate, Pujichem, PIR Polibutenos S.A. Industrial Chemicals.

Polymer industries: anti blocking & slip agent (primary, secondary & secondary bis – amides, fatty acid ester) processing aid, impact modifier,nucleating agent, flame retardant, metal deactivator, antistatic, UV stabilizers, anti oxidant, optical brightening agent, dispersing agent, microbial resistance, termitencide, fungicide, rigidities improve, metalic soap PVC resin, plasticizers, PS, ABS, PE, PP.

Rubber industries: plasticizers, pigment, antioxidant, waxes, zink oxide, extender, binding agent adhesion promotor, silicon oil, silicon emulsion, surfactant, fillers.

Textile industries: silicon emulsions, antistatic, softener, coning oils, printing thickener.

Ink industries: antiblocking, slip agent, optical brightening agent, adhesion promotor, plasticizers, wetting agent, dispersing agent, gravure & silk screen inks resin.

Industrial: corrosin, inhibitor, gesoline conditioner, solar conditioner.

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