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DESI PAK, natural desiccant, better than silica gel. High perfomance moisture absorbent to protect goods from moisture. Application: semiconductor, electronic supplies, metals, pharmacies, foods & other goods (meet FDA & MIL D3464E requirement).

Synthetic desiccant SILICA GEL, mainly used in drying dan purifying  the air and all kinds of industrial gas, container and other material from mold and rust. Available type: white, blue, yellow (cobalt free).

Container Dri II super desiccant for shipping/ cargo & warehouse. Massive moisture absorbing capacity, long active time to avoid condensation during shipment. Ensure your goods to arrive in good conditon.

High quality oxygen absorber FRESHONE, preserve food products (such as moon cake, layer cake, etc) by create oxygen free condition to avoid grow and moid, change of color, taste, freshness, deterioration and oxidization. Extend shelf life.

Also available: Humidity Indicator card.
Represent: SUD CHEMIE (USA) & San-ai Co. Ltd (Japan)

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