Resin, Colourants and Additives

Products Offered / in stock:

Colourants: ultramarines, fluorescents, phosphorescents, pearlescents, organic pigments, oil and solvent dyes, cadmium pigments, lead chromates, anti corrosives, invisible pigments, titanium dioxide.

Additives: micronised waxes, rheology modifiers, organoclay, biocides / preservatives, surface additives, optical brighteners, UV absorbers, anti oxidants, clarifying agent, PE waxes, stearates, photointiators.

Resins: Alkyds & Polyesters, Polyamines & Polymides, acrylics, acrylic emulsions.

Ingredients and specialty chemicals for: cosmetic, personal care, household products, pharmaceuticals, food industry.

Contact: PT Colorindo Chemtra

For enquiries:

  • Rukan Taman Meruya Ilir Blok M/45, Meruya Utara, Jakarta Barat 11620, Indonesia. Phone: (62-21) 5841515 , Fax: (62-21) 5874529. E-mail: colchem[at]indo[dot]net[dot]id
  • Jl Gatotan No 11, Surabaya 60175, Indonesia. Phone: (62-31) 3524743 – 46 , Fax: (62-31) 3538645. Emial: colchemsby[at]colchem[dot]famili[dot]com

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