Organic Pigments, Powder Dyes, Inorganic Pigments, Metallic Pigments, Silo Iron Oxides/Rockwood

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Organic Pigments: For Ink, Paint and Plastics and high perfomance organic pigments.

Powder Dyes: for wood stains, regular and engineering plastics, solvent dyes, oil dyes, coloris: universal colorants for paint system.

Inorganic pigments: Iron oxides, chrome yellows, Molybdate oranges, TiO2, Carbon black, metal oxides, cobalt blue, cadmium, pigments, titanate yellow.

Silicone relesase paper from GE Toshiba, Solventless release paper non toxic (FDA APPROVED).

Metallic Pigments: Aluminium pastes & powder, gold/ bronze powder, copper powder for paints, inks, plastics, Textiles.

Silo Iron Oxides/ Rockwood: Colors for concrete blocks, cements & ceramics, building material, Roof paints.

Micronized Titanium Dioxide, Zinc oxide for automotive paints & cosmetics, Morfast liquid dyes for inks, aluminium foils, ballpoints, etc. Automate liquid dyes for coloring petroleum products.

Special effect pigments, pearlescent pigments, phosphorescent pigments, thermocromic pigments, changing color pigments, glitters, glass beads.

Yupilon (polycarbonate) and Yupital  (Polyacetal), Engineering plastics, ultraform (POM).

Porcher industries-france, Textile scrims for reinforcement support and technical applicationas used in carpet, paper, aluminium, insulation, filter PVC floor, rubber, etc. Glass clothes for heat and cold, anti-corrosive Insulation, waven scrims, special glass yarn.

Silicone additives from ShinEtsu, silicone products, resins, etc.

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