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PT PUJI LESTARI PURNAMA is a manufacturer and distributor of chemicals for industrial needs. Since 1985, PT PUJI LESTARI PURNAMA has served many industries in the ground-water in the boiler water treatment and water used in cooling system by using the product the Pay-Off ® Water Treatment.

A series of products Katfloc ® Raw & Waste Water Treatment has been shown to increase efficiency in the use of chemicals in the water purification process. PT PUJI LESTARI PURNAMA also serving the metal industry through lubricant products, oil metalforming, Metalworking fluids / cutting fluids.

With Pay-Off ® Specialty Products we help improve the efficiency in the various processes in the industry with experts supported by a competent and complete chemical laboratory facility We have a motto: We give knowledge Not just products.

Manufacturer & Distributor: Boiler water treatment chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, raw & waste water treatment chemicals, cleaning & surface treatment chemicals, maintenance chemicals, metal working fluids, lubricating oils & greases.

Process Chemicals for:

  • Metal cutting oils & emulsions
  • Metal forming & roling oils & emulsions
  • Quenching oils & polymer Quenchants
  • Die-casting and forging lubricants
  • Rust preventives and rust removers
  • Fire resistant hydraulic fluids
  • Wire drawing lubricants
  • Degreasers and cleaners
  • Stainless steel brightening agents
  • EDM fluids
  • Greases
  • Industrial Lubrication oils

The use of coal as fuel for Boiler Industry, Furnaces now increasingly rampant. To maximize the work of the coal combustion process, we PT. LESTARI PUJI PURNAMA to introduce additive products Coal (Coal additives) are: PAY-OFF FCA – Enhancing BURN COAL POWER.


  • Reduce coal consumption by 15%
  • Reduce Carbon is not burned.
  • Reducing the bottom Ash and Fly Ash
  • Reducing gas in the exhaust gases Sox
  • Increasing the flame intensity
  • Eliminate black smoke.
  • Eliminate clinker / wasp nest in the engine
  • FCA additive can also be used in Mixed Coal + Sludge.

Pay Off enzyme M2000 is an organic chemical that serves to assist the work of bacteria in waste processing. Work Pay Off enzyme M2000 as “knife”, breaking the material – organic material, fats, proteins, and pigments contained in the waste into small pieces and make NUTRITION soluble in water, useful for the growth and reproduction of bacteria. So that the bacteria can work effectively break down substances – organic substances in the waste. With terurainya organic substances, COD and BOD content will be down significantly.


* To help bacteria break down organic waste, so the work is lighter bacteria.
* Helps Reduce Effluent odor in organic waste.
* Reduce TSS
* Reduce BOD
* Increase Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
* To help break down color

Applications: Grease Trap, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Organic Waste Processing, Septic Tank, Plumbing – Pipe Line in the Kitchen.

Products chemicals Pay-Off ® Water Treatment

Products Pay-Off ® Water Treatment has been proven beneficial in the treatment of Boilers, Cooling Tower, and Heating / Cooling in a closed system. In addition, there are also products Pay-Off ® to process scaling or dirt on the tube in the condenser, chiller, aluminum fins and other units.

Crustal thickness of only a thick piece of paper on the boiler pipes can lead to waste of fuel up to 10%, this decrease in efficiency caused by absorption of heat produced fuel up to 30%.

Product Pay-Off ® bwt specially formulated in accordance with the characteristics of feed water, boiler operating pressure and the amount of blowdown. Product Pay-Off ® badminton is a varied product series with the main components of a polymer that serves as an anti-crust, and organic chemicals and inorganic corrosion control functions in both in the boiler, the steam and condensate pipes. Product Pay-Off ® bwt applied to the amount that was matched with the amount of feed water (feedwater) is entered into the boiler.

To get more information about the products Pay-Off ® bwt or if you / I want to discuss about the boiler water treatment, please send an email to: info_payoff [at] pujilestari [dot]com

Katfloc® Raw & Waste Water Treatment Product

Katfloc ® is a series of coagulant products (organic and inorganic) and flokulan (Anionic, nonionic and cationic) are effective to purify water rivers, lakes, wells and waste water. With the support of competent experts and facilities for a complete chemical laboratory, we offer a system of efficient water treatment. For more information please send an email to: info_katfloc [at] pujilestari [dot] com .

Cleaning Equipment and Services

PT Puji Lestari Purnama provide services
to clean the crust and filth in
boiler systems, cooling tower, chiller, heat exchanger systems, and other units
by using the Pay-Off ® Cleaning Product
and supported by skilled manpower and modern equipment.
PT Puji Lestari Purnama also acts as a
sales agents from cleaning equipment,
as for the condenser tube cleaners, high pressure washer
and other units of Goodway, America.

Pay-Off ® Liquid Descaler is an acidic chemical that is very effective to clean the crust in the boiler, condenser or other units do not cause corrosion on metals.

Pay-Off ® Flushing Agent is the alkaline chemical is effective for cleaning rust and oils in the pipes or other units.

Pay-Off ® Cleaner AC meruapakan alkaline chemicals are effective for cleaning dirt on the aluminum cooling fins of the unit.

Pay-Off ® Omniclean DEGREASER is effective chemicals to clean the dirt in the form of oil, grease, etc..

PT Puji Lestari Purnama also provide skilled labor and supported by modern equipment to carry out cleaning products by using the Pay-Off ®.

To get more information about the products Pay-Off ® for cleaning please send email to: info_payoff [at]pujilestari [dot] com
Contact: PT Puji Lestari Purnama – We give not just products

Address: Kompleks Ready Sentra Cimone, Blok B No 15 – 16.
Jl Jend Gatot Subroto Km 2 Cimone, Tangerang 15114, Indonesia.
Phone: (62-21) 55795815 , fax: (62-21) 55795816
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