Leading distributor of chemical products and food ingredients in south east Asia

EAC Industrial Ingredients is a leading distributor of chemical products and food ingredients in south Asia. In Indonesia, we have a wide range of products available from local stocks. we provide a conprehensive, efficient and dedicated service to many industries.

The industries we serve include: food, beverage, pharmaceutial, personal care/ cosmetic, household, agrochemical, paint, ink, building / construction chemical, emulsion polymerisation, plastics (PVC, Masterbatch, PU Foam), flexible packaging, rubber (Tyre, industrial, shoes, glove), film, automotive, lectrical,
laundry, textile, glass, ceramic, sanitary napkins, pulp & paper.

The product we supply include: sodium bicarbonate, food color, gelatine, emulsifier, guar gum, phosphates, carrageenan, flavors, specialty ingredients, vanillin, ethyl vanillin, coumarin, isoamyl acetate.

Surfactants (nonionic, anionic, cationic, amphoteric), biocides, pigment paste, anti-oxidant, fumed & precipitated silica, fragrances.

Resins (acrylic, melamine, polyurethane, OPV, UV / EB curig), pigments (organic, inorganic, metalic and dyes), linseed oils, biocides, waxes, additives for paint and inks.

Chlorinated parafin, plastic additives (UV absorber, anti-oxidant, optical brightener, heat stabilizer), methylene chloride, embossed PE film, styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), high styrene SBR.

Refrigerant gas (genetron R22, R134a, R134a UV, R141b, R407c, R123, etc), chlorinated solvents (perklone, triklone).

Enzymes (desizing, biopolishing, denim washing, peroxide killer, bioscouring), softener, indigo, biocide, bronze powder, auxiliaries.

Boric acid, borax (decahydrate, penthahydrate, andhydrous), soda ash light, flint peeble, sodium feldspar, ball clay.

Our product range is constantly being expanded and enquiries for other products are always welcome, please contact us at any of the following locations (Indonesia):

  • Jakarta: Jl Mt Haryono Kav 15 (12810), Phone (62-21): 83790755, Fax: (62-21) 83790760
  • Surabaya: Jl Basuki Rachmad 129-137 (60721), Phone: (62-31) 5348891/92, fax: (62-31) 5348892
  • Bandung: Jl Soekarno Hatta 503 A (40265), Phone: (62-22) 7315593, Fax: (62-22) 7315594
  • Semarang: Jl Soekarno Hatta 180 B (50199), Phone: (62-24) 6732840, fax: (62-24) 6706158
  • Medan: Jl B Katamso Blok B No 8 Istana Prima, Phone: (62-61) 4511876, Fax: (62-61)4550826
  • Palembang: Jl RE martadinata Sei buah No 1 (30118), Phone: (62-711)721419, fax: (62-711) 719765
  • Makassar: Jl Ir Sutami No 38 blok D1/7, Phone: (62-411) 4720847/48/49, Fax: (62-411) 4710846.

Customer service: email: cservice[at]eac[dot]co[dot]id .


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