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PT Eonchemicals Putra, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001. Chemicals solution and service provider for industrial maintenance chemicals, oil production chemicals, metal working fluids, and industrial coating.

Founded in 1987, Eonchemicals is one of the first Indonesian companies that pioneered local research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and technical service for specialty chemicals. Through the years, we have developed the expertise of our people. We excel and are committed to provide on-site technical service and problem solving.

Through the years, we have served and supported various heavy industries in Indonesia. Some of them are the oil & gas industry, steel plants, pipe manufacturers, petrochemical plants, power generation plants, pulp and paper industry, wood industry and mining industry.


1.  Maintenance Chemicals

Machinery is used in various industries. These machines need periodic maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Failure to properly maintain a machine will lead to increased maintenance costs. Eonchemicals manufactures a wide range of maintenance chemicals that can help maintenance jobs.

  • Eonwash – Water-soluble, environment-friendly cleaner for cleaning jobs
  • Eonclean – solvent-based cleaner to loosen and dissolve grease
  • Eonhand – Waterless hand cleaner
  • Eonmotor – Safe cleaner for cleaning electric motors
  • Eonstrip – Paint and varnish stripper
  • Eoncoat – Protect the outer surface of pipes against corrosion during coating storage and transport
  • Eonfilm – Internal pipe filmer to protect against corrosion
  • Eonthread – Compound for thread protection
  • Eonpen – Penetrating oil to release nuts and bolts
  • Eonrust – General remover of rust in spare parts
  • Eonwire – Wire rope lubricant and corrosion inhibitor

2. Oil Production Chemicals

Crude hydrocarbons, as they are produced, contain a variety of contaminants such as formation solids, paraffin, corrosive gases and formation water. These contaminants can create problems in the production processes such as corrosion, mineral scale formation, emulsion, and paraffin deposition. Eonchemicals manufactures oil production chemicals that are designed to mitigate these problems and boost the efficiency of hydrocarbon reserves processing.

  • Eonbreak – Demulsifier to separate emulsified water from crude oil
  • Eonclear – Water clarifier to remove oil contaminants from discharge water
  • Eoncor – Corrosion inhibitor to mitigate corrosion in crude oil, water and gas pipe lines and production equipment
  • Eonscale – Scale inhibitor to keep mineral ion in solution and prevent deposition and formation of scale
  • Eonbac – Biocide to control corrosion causing bacteria
  • Eonpar – Paraffin chemicals to reduce pour point and prevent paraffin precipitation

3.  Metal Working Fluid

It is difficult to name a product that does not require, either directly or indirectly, the process of metal cutting somewhere in its manufacture. Most metal cutting processes generate much heat. As lubrication and cooling is needed to prevent failure in tool life and surface finish. Eonchemicals together with Master Chemical Corp., USA, manufacture a wide range of cutting and grinding fluids from synthetic to emulsion types.

  • EONTRIM C 115 –    A high-performance synthetic fluid for working cast iron, mild steels, plastic, and composite. Excellent for grinding operation
  • EONTRIM C 270 – A high-performance synthetic fluid. Compatible with a very wide range of materials including cast iron, steels, copper and aluminum alloys as well as plastics and some composites
  • EONTRIM C 275 – A synthetic coolant designed for shops where the primary operations are high-speed turning and milling on ferrous metals.
  • EONTRIM SC 230 – It is our newest semi-synthetic coolant. This product will perform well in centerless and cylindrical from grinding as well as on high speed, single point turning, and down-the-hole work on vertical and horizontal machining centers.
  • EONTRIM SC 235 – A semi-synthetic coolant that meets the needs of the most modern and demanding manufactures. This product will perform well in centerless and cylindrical from grinding as well as on high-speed, single point turning, and down-the-whole work on vertical and horizontal machining centers.
  • EONTRIM SC 9030 – EONTRIM SC 9030 is a transparent, high oil semi-synthetic coolant. This product is well suited for general high-speed machining and grinding of all metals.
  • EONTRIM E 9010 – A soluble oil or chemical emulsion coolant concentrate designed as a general purpose multi-metal coolant for general machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It has the necessary lubricity to do heavy duty machining center work and still provide the wetting and cooling to do high-speed turning and grinding operations.
  • EONTRIM SOL – The industry standard when it comes to general purpose soluble oil coolants. EONTRIM SOL has the broadest applications spectrum of any coolant in the marketplace today. Its performance has been proven over time in grinding, gear hobbing, turning, drilling, milling, and replacing oils on some screw machines. EONTRIM SOL will do it all.


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