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Main product:

  • CaCO3 (calcium Carbonate, powder & granular). CaCO3, processed from a high grade of natural calcium carbonate limestone with high technology grinding machine to provide its surface uniformly and has a high calcium carbonate content. Forms are in powder and granular. Powder form for application are as filler, floating agent, stabilizer, plasticizer, paint industry, glass industry, chemical industry, pulp, agriculture, coloration, etc. The granular form for application are feed additive, floor, wall art, metallurgy, etc. Available in brown, black, green, red, yellow, super white, cream
  • Marbie Chip
  • CaO (quick lime), CaO made from the calcinated of high grade calcium carbonate uniformly. Applications for soil conditioner, as pH controller, as setting agent, agriculture, agregate concrete, sugar industry, etc
  • Ca(OH)2 (hydrated lime) produce from selected quicklime with high CaO content, hydranated and grinded into powder size that have stable distribution particle. The applications of these products are in pulp industry water treatment, as soil fertlizer, disinfectant, pH contoller, etc
  • Dolomite. Dolomite produced from high quality dolomite stone with high technology grinding machine and effective production process to making high quality dolomite powder. The applications of this product are as filler, glass industry, ceramic industry, refractory, agriculture, metallurgy, etc
  • Zeolite (granular, powder, round pelet). Zeolite a natural zeolite, modernit mixed with clinoptilolit, processed by high technology machine on making its shape uniformly. It has special characters such as ion adsorption, ion exchage, catalyst, and pH balance. They ready in powder, granular, and round pellet appearances. Zeolite powder for: cattle industry, agriculture, oil & gas industry, textile industry, environmental etc

Additional products:

  • Kaolin. Kaolin is one of the clay minerals. The process for this mineral is to remove other materials such as quartz, iron oxide, titanium oxide, and mica. It’s done to get specific particle size, high grade of brightness, specific moisture content, pH, or other characteristic. Kaolin in usually used as filler agent, in cast, ceramic, rubber, and paint industries. We provide kaolin powder 45 µm with 80 % min. of whiteness degree, and 80% of brightness.
  • Pumice. Pumice is one of mineral industry that has important usage as raw material. It can be found as bract ion fragment and in aluminum silicate stones. It’s glassy, cellular structure, and has a very low bulk density. Pumice is more commonly used in construction than industries; it’s used as filler, polishing, cleaner, stone washing, abrasive and high temperature isolator. We provide to several type of granular such as 1-3 mm, 2-4 mm, 5-7 mm, etc.
  • Gypsum. Gypsum is a mineral that occurs in large deposits throughout the world. It’s hydrated calcium sulfate, when heated, at a higher temperature, gypsum loses all its water and becomes anhydrous calcium sulfate or anhydrite. Gypsum can be made into wall plaster or as raw material in cast, cement, construction or even medical uses. We provide Natural gypsum powder from 200 µm.
  • Barite. The applications of barium compounds are varied and important. The most widely used of barite is employed for oil drilling mud. Barium sulfate is a useful white pigment, particularly in the precipitated form. It’s used as a filler for paper, rubber, linoleum and oil cloth. Paint industry is the largest consumer of barium compounds. We provide in powder appearance.
  • Copper. Cooper sulfate is the most important compound of copper, commonly known as blue vitriol, it’s prepared by the action of sulfuric acid on cupric oxide or sulfide ores. CuSO4 is added to water reservoirs occasionally to kill algae. It’s employed in electroplating and finds minor applications as a mordant, germicide, and agent in engraving. Certain copper compounds are added to antifouling paints used on ship bottoms. We provide high quality copper sulfate in powder and granule appearance.
  • Silica Sand. Silica sand is very important for many kind of industries, especially as raw material. It’s usually used in cement, glass, bottle, or even enamel, glass ceramic, chemical industry and refractory. Sand, for glass manufacture should be almost pure quartz. In cement, sand is sometimes used to adjust the composition of the mix. We have a high quality silica sand with effective production.
  • Clay-Phyrophilite. Clay are the more-or-less impure hydrated aluminum silicates that have resulted from the weathering of igneous rocks in which feldspar was a noteworthy original mineral. Clays vary so much in their physical properties and in the impurities present that it’s frequently necessary to upgrade them by the beneficent procedure. Refractory use large quantities of clays and usage is increasing primarily because of the use of plastic, ramming, and cast able mixes. Clays are used as filler in many products such as paper, rubber, plastics, paint and fertilizers. Other important uses include drilling mud, floor and wall tile, palletizing iron ore and pottery. We provide powder from 500 µm, granule in 1.0 – 4.0 mm appearance.
  • Phosphate. Phosphate is material that have economic value with phosphor in it. There are 3 types of Phosphate : Apatite Phosphate, Marine Phosphate and Guano Phosphate. Phosphate usually used in detergent industry, fertilizer and animal feeding. From the three type above, Guano is the best direct used for plant. Guano Phosphate formed from large amount of bat and seabird dung that sedimented for along time. It has high percentage of natural living microbic flora, contain a high percentage of organic matter and high content of cationic exchange to increase the plant’s feeding possibility. Our Natural Guano Posphate content 18-25% of P2O5 and 50% soluble from it. We provide the natural guano Phosphate in powder and pellet.

We also provide custom grinding

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