BASF – The Chemical Company, Has a Rich and Long History

PT BASF Indonesia, Producer of: Polymer dispersions and process chemicals for paper, textile & leather industries, vitamins and mineral premixes for animal nutrition. From a manufacturer of the first synthetic dyes in 1865, BASF has developed into a leading global chemical company producing a comprehensive range of chemical products.

Worldwide, BASF has customers in more than 200 countries, production sites in over 150 countries and approximately 95,000 employees. In Asia Pacific, we have a production network with almost 100 sites, customers in more than 15 countries and nearly 12,800 employees engaging in the development, manufacturing and sale of a wide range of products for agricultural products and nutrition, colorants and finishing products, chemicals, and plastics and fibers for numerous applications in almost all industries.

Products and Markets

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company: The Chemical Company. Our portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products, agriculturalproducts and fine chemicals to crude oil and natural gas. As a reliable partnerto virtually all industries, our intelligent solutions and high-value productshelp our customers to be more successful.

Agricultural Products & Nutrition : BASF is a major supplier of agricultural products and fine chemicals to the farming, food processing, pharmaceuticals, animal nutrition and human nutrition and personal careindustries. Our research activities in plant biotechnology focus on solutions for effective agriculture, healthier nutrition and plants to make products more efficiently.

Chemicals: Products from our Chemicals segment are the basis of our Verbund: The product portfolio ranges from cracker products such as ethylene and propylenevia inorganic chemicals through to intermediates for the production of plastics, pharmaceuticals, crop protection products or coatings. Wide range of Inorganics, Petrochemicals and Intermediatesproducts are offered in the Asia Pacific region for our customers in the fastest growing market.

Construction Chemicals: Construction Chemicals creates value through: Efficiency: We make construction more economical. Strength: Our products improve the functionality and stability of construction materials. Beauty: We enhance the surfaces of buildings, making them more attractive both inside and outside. Safety: We help to make structures safe, thereby protecting those who use them. Value protection: We increase the durability and life span of buildings. Energy conservation: With innovative technologies, we help to save energy and protect the environment. Wide range of products is offered in the Asia Pacific region for our customers in the fastest growing market.

Admixtures for Ready Mix Concrete, Admixtures for Precast Concrete, Admixtures for Manufactured Concrete Products, Additives for Cement Manufacturing, Systems for Civil Tunneling, Systems for Mining, Grouting Products, Concrete Repair & Protection Systems, Tiling Systems, Industrial & Commercial Flooring Systems, Waterproofing Systems, Joint Sealants & Joint Sealing Systems, Wall Cladding Systems & EIFS, WABO Expansion Joint Systems. Construction Chemicals country sites: Japan, Greater China, ASEAN, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, South Asia.

Performance Products: The Performance Products segment comprises the Dispersions & Pigments, Care Chemicals, Paper Chemicals and Performance Chemicals divisions with effect from April 1, 2009. These divisions develop performance products that make our customers’ processes and final products more efficient and competitive. The businesses acquired with Ciba will be integrated into the relevant parts of the segment in the second half of 2009.

The Dispersions &  Pigments division supplies products for an array of customer industries, including the coatings, finishings, printing, adhesives, automotive, packaging and construction chemicals industries. Starting materials for self-adhesive stamps, special label and tile adhesives, weatherproof paints, environmentally-friendly resins and functional black pigments that significantly reduce buildup of heat from sunlight are just a few examples of the division’s innovative product range.

The Care Chemicals portfolio comprises products for cleaning, care, cosmetics and hygiene. Specifically, these include polymers, surfactants, UV filters, chelates, superabsorbent polymers and other specialties used increasingly for applications in the chemical engineering industries. Human and animal nutrition and pharmaceuticals are also core Care Chemicals businesses. The main nutrition products are vitamins, carotenoids and enzymes. Care Chemicals supplies the pharmaceutical industry with active pharmaceutical ingredients such as caffeine and ibuprofen as well as excipients. Care Chemicals also manufactures aroma chemicals for the fragrance and flavor industry. These are used in the manufacture of detergents, household cleaners and cosmetics, among other applications. Sustainability is a key goal for Care Chemicals. The division’s state-of-the-art chelating agent Trilon® M for instance is biodegradable as well as highly effective, making it suitable for environmentally-friendly detergents and cleaners.

The new Paper Chemicals division is focused exclusively on the specific challenges of the paper industry.  The division’s portfolio comprises paper manufacturing and coating chemicals as well as kaolin minerals.

BASF has an extensive range of tailor-made solutions for the paper industry: process chemicals optimize costs and improve machine productivity, functional chemicals give paper certain attributes, and coating chemicals enhance the aesthetics and performance of printed paper and board.

BASF’s range of process chemicals includes polyvinylamine (PVAm) based polymers, an innovative product class with a wide range of potential applications. Sold under the Luredur® brand, these products increase the strength of packaging grades based on recycled paper board and improve paper machine efficiency.

The Performance Chemicals division supplies specific products and solutions for a range of customer industries. These include chemicals for the manufacture and finishing of leather and textiles, as well as oilfield and mining chemicals. The Ciba acquisition will add plastic additives and other chemical specialties to the product range. The division also supplies chemicals and additives for the refinery and automotive industries. As an example, the BASF product Glysacorr® stops metal and alloy corrosion in combustion engines. It is added to engine coolant fluid and is ideal for use in large engines such as found in trucks, ships and train engines.

Plastics: Styrenics, Engineering plastics and Polyurethanes – this is only part of BASF?s plastics product lines spanning an impressive breadth of applications and properties. This is why BASF?s plastics are present in all sectors of life. Nowadays, the development of new applications calls not only for material know-how but also for detailed knowledge of the markets. With this in mind, BASF continuously and consistently orients its product line and service package to the requirements of its customers. Adding to our family, Foams, Polyamide & intermediates, and Biodegradable plastics, provides a whole new range of applications, from packaging, electronics, shipbuilding to sports and recreation.

Plastics are the materials of the 21st century. New applications are constantly being found for them, for example in automobiles, where they make an important contribution to performance, safety and comfort. In the rapidly growing Asian markets, BASF offers PolyamideIntermediates, Engineering Plastics, Polyurethanes and Polystyrenes.

PlasticsPlus™ – premium plastics with added value: Along with its standard plastics, BASF also offers PlasticsPlus™, an assortment of high-performance styrene plastics, biodegradable materials and foams for customers who have exacting requirements regarding quality and services. PlasticsPlus™stands for an especially high level of innovation, reliability, diversity and partnership.

Standard plastics – large volumes, favorable prices, high quality: Styrene copolymers such as Terluran?(ABS) or polystyrene– widely used for housings, packaging and toys – have become typical standard plastics nowadays. In other words, they are interchangeable, their prices are very volatile and they compete throughout the world. Before this background, BASF relies on a streamlined portfolio with a small number of products that are manufactured at low cost and with a consistent quality worldwide in highly efficient world-scale plants.

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