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We are  a company who specialized in chemical suppliers. Especially for metal pretreatment  such as:

chemical materials

chemical materials for industrial development

Degreaser, Deruster, Surface Conditioning, Phosphatizing (Iron Phosphating, Zinc Phosphating, Manganese Phosphating), Passivator/Post Rinse Treatment, Sealant, Aluminium Cleaner, Desmute, Aluminium Coating (Chromate base coating / Yellow Chromating, Non Chromate base coating / Clear Coating), Paint Remover, Stripper, Paint Killer, Coagulant, Rust Corrotion Preventive/RCP, Blackening Agent, Hot Alkaline Black Oxide.

Contact: metalpretreatment

Company Address:
Taman rahayu regency, blok A11, No.249 Ciketing Udik Bantar gebang,
Bekasi Timur, 17153 – Indonesia
Phone 1:  +6221 704 77572
Phone 2:  +62877 703 32746
Mobile Phone: +62812 811 35862
Fax: +6221 824 83406

About Company:

CV.ANTSON PRIMA present wanted to be a partner and a solution of supplying chemical materials for industrial development, especially surface coating and  metal pretreatment.

blackening agent

Blackening agent or black oxide agent

We always strive to bring quality products at affordable prices so that it can be a plus factor for the improvement of quality and productivity of our business partners.

If you are interested please contact the seller immediately before the other. We will give best service.

Mr. Ir.Made Antana.
+6221 704 77572,
+62877 703 32746,
+62812 811 35862
Fax : +6221 824 83406
Add: Taman rahayu regency, blok A11, No.249
Ciketing Udik Bantar gebang Bekasi Timur, 17153

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