A Chemical Company with ISO9001:2000 Quality Approval Enterprise in China and are Engaged in Supplying Chemical Materials

Dear Manager:
We introduce our-selves as an ISO9001:2000 quality approval enterprise in China and are engaged in supplying chemical materials .
In order to give you a rough idea of our products, we list a part of our latest catalogue  for your reference.

  • Alkalis: Caustic soda Flakes/ pearls/ solid
  • Acid: Formic / Glacial acetic/ Stearic Acid
  • Pigments: titanium dioxide Rutile/ anatase, Zinc oxide / Carbon black, Iron oxide black/ blue/ red/ yellow
  • Inorganic chemical: Adipic acid, Copper sulphate 98%, Zinc sulphate, Oxalic acid

We are willing to supply our high quality products to you on favorable terms and condition upon receipt of your inquiry. We thank you very much for attention to us.

Your early reply will appreciate.

Yours faithfully


Jianghang Phosphorus Industry
MSN: menghaoshi5257 [at] msn.cn
Fax: 86-311-87035050
Tel: 86-311-87036060
Email: danny [at] upstagechem.com
Email: menghaoshi94mn [at] 126.com

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