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Geotextile * Bima Geoteks -Woven and Non woven.  Application: road, construction, railway, retaining wall, drainage, etc. Geomembrane, Application: Reservoirs & ponds, Tunneling, Storage Tanks, Irrigation Canals, landfills, etc. Vertical Wick Drain Geogrid Stepped embankment Perforated pipe PE slotted subsoil drainage, Ensure Even water table control. Hydrotex, Articulating Block Mat Fabric formed concrete, The Revetment systems […]

MacTex geotextile manufacturing process is custom design to produce geotextile with optimum combinations of strength, permeability, and durability to constructions - Indonesia and Asia Business Directory

MACCAFERRI, Engineering and Environtmental Solutions. Design, manufacturing, Supply and installation. Gabions Road MESH Vertical & Horizontal DRAIN Reno Mattress Woven & Nonwoven Geotextile Erosion control Terramesh Geogrid