PT Indonesia Multi Colour Printing

Manufactured of: Processed food cans (threepiece and DRD), beverage cans, crown cork seal, closure, dry pack powder can, general container, aerosol cans, fancy cans and metal lithographic printing.

Contact: PT Indonesia Multi Colour Printing (IMCP)

Address: Jl Rungkut 1/10, Surabaya60292, Indonesia. Phone: (62-31) 8438702, 8438181, 8438761. Fax:(62-31) 8438379. E-mail: info[at]imcp[dot]co[dot]id . Website:

Jakarta address: Jl Tanah Abang II/107, Jakarta 10150, Indonesia. Phone: (62-21) 3809837-38, 3852949 (4 lines), Fax: (62-21) 3809842.

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