Rotatool Distributor/ Stockist, The Most Effective Tubes Cleaning

ROTATOOL Distributor/ Stockist. Electric Tubes cleaner to clean the crust on the Boilers, Evaporators, Condensers, Juice-heather, Economicers, Coolers, Heat-Exchanger, etc.

Before replace pipes, please contact us first. Our equipment could clean the pipe that blocked tubes on: Pulp & Paper Industry, Sugar Industry, Palm Oil/ Oil Industry, Chemical Industry, Plywood/ wood industry, Steel
Industry, Textile, Food & Beverages, etc.

Example: Tube expander for Tube sizes O.D. 1/4″ to 4.1/2″

Contact: PT Pusaka AbadiSole Distributor & Industrial Supply.

Address: Jl Daan Mogot Km 12.8, Komplek Daan Mogot Prima, Blok A1 No 2, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia 11740. Phone: (62-21) 54376366,-67-68-69-70. Fax: (62-21) 54390464. email: ptpusaka[at]centrin[dot]net[dot]id

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